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Amazon Shortages & Chargebacks: supplier tips and tricks for managing these fines

Amazon Shortages & Chargebacks: Suppliers tips & tricks for managing these fines

93% of brands receive supply chain-related chargebacks from Amazon In our benchmarking data we found that nearly all brands receive supply chain-related chargebacks from Amazon, and 90% report receiving shortage deductions that are believed to be incorrect. Benchmarking data from... Read More

eCommerce Highlights from Pure Play, Mass & Home Improvement Quarterly Results

Pure Play, Mass & Home Improvement Quarterly Results

Our latest Pure Play highlights from 3Q21 featuring insights on Shopify, Amazon, eBay, Wayfair & more. Shopify had strong growth of 35% this quarter on top of 109% growth in 2020, although revenue and margins were still below expectations due... Read More

Instacart advertising

What Suppliers are Spending on Instacart, Walmart, and Amazon Advertising

After meaningfully ramping up Instacart advertising investments in 2021, our research suggests suppliers are planning for much less growth in ad spend in 2022. While brands remain quite pleased with ROAS, many are experiencing challenges in securing incremental funding given... Read More

Amazon Inventory

Holiday 2021: Supply Chain Pressures, Rising Demand and Price Increases

Our recent Consumer Holiday Pulse Survey showed 43% of consumers have already started holiday shopping. A net 57% of those shoppers reported that they started earlier this year vs. last, largely due to supply chain concerns. Most brands are experiencing... Read More

Amazon Shopper Data

Income Level and Amazon Shoppers: The Consumer Insights You Need to Know

Our Amazon Shopper Consumer Study suggests high income shoppers rely on eCommerce, and Amazon in particular, much more heavily than low and middle income Amazon shoppers. On average, high income shoppers are doing 57% of their annual purchases online, and... Read More

Holiday 2021

A Sneak Peek at Holiday 2021 for eCommerce Professionals

It seems like every year the holiday season comes around earlier and earlier, and so far, 2021 is no different. Our research from the supplier community suggests this year’s season will be even more elongated due to supply chain challenges... Read More

Digital Fulfillment

Digital Fulfillment: The Key Questions Your Organization Should Be Asking

Brands are facing continued transportation and shipping costs pressures, with benchmarking data from CRC’s Traditional Retail Council suggesting it's the top cost pressure for brands, above labor, commodities, packaging, and more. Retailers are feeling these same transportation and shipping cost... Read More

eCommerce Brand Implications

eCommerce Brand Implications: Macro, Consumer, and Retail

Today’s macroeconomic environment is causing significant change throughout retail. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused labor, transportation, and raw material shortages, ultimately resulting in short supply and delayed deliveries to retail customers. Source: CRC Macroeconomic Webinar, 07/21/2021, n = 305 Consumer... Read More

2Q21 eCommerce Results

eCommerce Highlights from Retailers’ 2Q21 Results

Shopify was the clear winner this quarter with 40% growth on top of 118% in 2020, driven by sustained strength in GMV and contributions from their POS offering and social commerce partnerships. Management noted that omnichannel opportunities will continue to... Read More

2021 Virtual Walmart Forum

Amazon Supersedes Walmart; Growth Forecasts for 2021

Earlier this week Walmart reported their 2Q FY2022 earnings, bringing their total sales for the last year (ending in July) to $566 billion. Comparatively, Amazon made history this quarter by boasting an estimated $610B in total sales in the same... Read More

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