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As brands closely monitor the slope of the US economy in a more uncertain inflationary environment, key channel and incremental inflection insights become extremely impactful to navigate risk and uncertainty. CRC’s Macro Research provides indispensable intelligence delivered directly to our customers in a succinct and easy-to-digest manner. From real-time insights and forecasts to forward-looking recommendations, we pride ourselves on bringing clarity to dynamic markets and evolving customer needs.

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We tie together all of our work across key channels and industry sectors with global economic dynamics to provide the bigger picture macroeconomic indicators and forecasts impacting the consumer, housing market and geopolitical issues. Through written reports, data sets and webinars, we share trends around inflation, the labor market, consumer spending, supply chain and more.

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When we combine a bottoms-up channel research approach with a top-down economic data methodology, we’re able to paint a holistic view that helps us catch inflection points and understand what’s truly behind the numbers.


$1,500 / yr per subscriber


$3,000 / yr per subscriber


$7,500 / yr per subscriber

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$1,000 / yr per subscriber

Weekly High-Frequency Report
Weekly CRC Channel Research Insights
Monthly Economic Dashboard(s)
Periodic thematic reports on the US economy
*including topics on consumer spending, inflation, labor market, supply chain, and housing market
Quarterly by-state update
CRC Proprietary Data & Forecasts
*Including forecasts on GDP, inflation, labor market and retail sales; CRC Analyst sentiment; CRC Retail and Industrial Sentiment Indexes
Semi-annual Macro webinar
Daily data & research support; Access to analysts
Monthly China economic updates, periodic thematic reports and webinars

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