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Designed for branded manufacturers, CRC’s eCommerce Council members receive unparalleled eCommerce insights to drive performance with key retail customers; whether your team is full of eCom experts or those just diving in, we’ve got you covered.


Ways to engage with our eCommerce research insights

Through syndicated research, 1×1 analyst engagement, and curated events, CRC’s eCommerce Council helps members drive faster growth and informed decision making.

Syndicated Research

Our reports (90+ published annually) include retailer-specific reports, real-time updates, thematic reports, industry-leading benchmarks, and consumer studies. We deliver these insights through a mix of written reports, quick one-pagers, audio reports, and more. Partners will have access to CRC’s full library of eCommerce research. As a trusted and objective resource, we aim for all insights to be actionable while also providing a forward-looking lens.

1×1 Analyst Engagement

At the core of partnership with CRC is access to our research analysts. We are viewed as a consultant on retainer that is ready to work with our members to answer questions, provide feedback on current strategy and tactics, and help team members build business cases internally to push their organization closer to its goals. Our research team specializes in identifying inflections within the eCommerce industry to help you grow more profitably and better navigate the quickly evolving customer path to purchase process.

Curated Events


Aimed at sharing best practices, we facilitate small-group roundtable discussions with non-competing suppliers that help team leads navigate current challenges and consider new ideas to grow their business. In 2023, the eCommerce team hosted 80+ virtual roundtables with an additional seven meetings in-person. There were 19 different session topics ranging from generative-A.I. usage amongst eCom teams, resourcing needs and organization structure, Amazon, digital supply chain, last-mile aggregators, and more.

eCommerce Summit

CRC’s industry-leading annual eCommerce Summit provides partners with the latest insights to help capture the upside opportunities in eCommerce and Amazon over the next 12 to 18 months. Specifically designed for branded manufacturers, the Summit features forward-thinking keynotes and application-based breakouts from CRC analysts, eCommerce thought leaders, and your peers at branded manufacturers. Last year's show had over 445 attendees from 170 branded manufacturers. CRC members receive 5 complimentary seats to the eCommerce Summit.


CRC’s eCommerce LiveCast webinars aim to give you the most critical information to improve your business while enabling a direct conversation with our team. During the events, we distill a quarter’s worth of recent research into a digestible 15-minutes of prepared remarks. This includes a shared screen and live polling and is followed by 15 additional minutes of Q&A so you can get your most pressing questions answered.

Thought Leader Webinars

CRC co-hosts several eCommerce webinars throughout the year with our Thought Leader partners, which are leading-edge eCommerce service providers who deliver their expert perspective and proprietary data to help our community grow their eCommerce businesses. Topics span Amazon and omnichannel tactics, retail media spend, data, analytics and more.

eCommerce research coverage spanning real-time themes and strategic initiatives

Our research covers a range of pure-play and omnichannel topics to help you keep a pulse on industry themes impacting peers and to answer your most pressing questions whether they be tactical and real-time (i.e. did anyone else experience light orders from Amazon last week?) or longer-term and strategic in nature.

Some of the big picture questions our research helps to answer include:

  • How can I align my company’s goals and priorities with the top initiatives of key customers?
  • How are companies funding their activations across retail media sites?
  • How do product introductions and pricing strategies across channels impact profitability holistically?
  • How should brands structure their eCommerce organization and Amazon teams?
  • Is my organization structured for profitable eCommerce growth?
  • What are the expected digital growth ranges of my key customers?
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Use-cases for CRC’s eCommerce insights

Feedback from current eCommerce Council members suggests that our insights can be leveraged in a variety of ways internally at organizations of all sizes. Some of the practical internal use-cases of membership include:

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Internal Education

Leverage your access to CRC to expand eCommerce knowledge at all levels of your organization to educate internal stakeholders on the importance of eCommerce. Whether it be through our reports, annual summit, roundtables, etc. we create opportunities to help educate the entire company.

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Channel Prioritization

With our long-term channel and retailer growth forecasts, allocate investments with structural market share winning accounts. Help your teams build a game plan to align your company’s goals with key retailers’ expectations and agendas.

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Effective Resourcing

Utilize our objective eCommerce market research reports to bolster your business case internally. One example includes companies leveraging our organizational benchmarks to support adding personnel for content creation and management.

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Join the community

You can leverage your newfound community of peers within our network of CRC eCommerce Council members to gain added perspective as you navigate through the eCommerce landscape. We are constantly connecting directly with our members and fostering additional connections between non-competing companies to answer niche, ad-hoc questions.

Find trusted partners

We help brands pick the right partners to accelerate their digital and omnichannel business. Our current customers view us as a bureau for filtering the best-in-class 3rd party service providers. Given our expansive industry relationships and experience, we’ve enabled hundreds of brands to identify the right partners – from software platforms to full-serve agencies. Through our Thought Leader Program, we also help introduce and share insights from many of those best-in-class companies to help take our customers’ businesses to the next level.

Looking for additional eCommerce insights and market research?

Check out CRC Insights for a snapshot of what our teams are working on.