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Designed for eCommerce professionals at branded manufacturers, CRC’s eCommerce Council members receive unparalleled insights that make them more effective with their key retail customers.

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Insights to help you plan right and drill down to what matters


Insights for eCommerce professionals at branded manufacturers

Our research covers a range of topics and can help you answer questions including:

  • How are companies funding their commerce marketing activations across Amazon and omnichannel sites?
  • How do product introductions and pricing strategies across different channels impact profitability holistically?
  • How should brands structure their eCommerce organization and Amazon teams? Is my organization structured for profitable eCommerce growth?
  • How can I align my company’s goals and priorities with the top initiatives of key customers?
  • What are the expected digital growth ranges of my key customers?
  • How can I raise the digital IQ of my organization?

Resources to help educate your entire organization

We help members drive faster, more profitable growth through research, engaging events, novel consumer studies, and industry-leading benchmarks:

  • Utilize our objective research to bolster your business case internally. One example includes companies leveraging our organizational benchmarks to support adding personnel for content creation and management.
  • Leverage our events to expand eCommerce knowledge at all levels of your organization. Whether our annual Summit or our monthly LiveCasts, we create opportunities to help educate the entire company.
  • With our long-term channel / retailer growth forecasts, allocate investments with structural market share winning accounts. Help your teams build a game plan to align your company’s goals with key retailers’ expectations and agendas.

Leverage our community of peers to gain added perspective

Our network of eCommerce professionals provide further perspective as you navigate through the eCommerce landscape. We are constantly connecting directly with our members and fostering additional connections between non-competing companies to answer niche, ad-hoc questions.

eCommerce Summit

Ways to engage

Gain access to experienced eCommerce professionals today to help you objectively navigate your difficult questions and prepare you for interactions with your retail partners and end consumers. With your CRC partnership, you and your organization will have access to the industry’s leading-edge research and insights at your fingertips.

Written reports & the research portal

Your entire organization has access to our published reports & the research portal.

eCommerce LiveCasts

Dial in to our webinar sessions (typically 15-30 minutes) where we cover our most recent published research and highlight the most important takeaways.

One-on-one engagement

Connect one-on-one with our analysts for ad-hoc questions about our research and/or to see if there are others in the community we can link you with to help provide additional perspective.

In-person & virtual roundtables

Join small group share sessions with non-competing manufacturers to get your most pressing questions answered with sessions tailored to specific audiences.

Annual eCommerce Summit

CRC’s annual eCommerce Summit offers attendees the best-in-class content delivering tactical information and sharing real-world best practice to help organizations drive profitable growth. The event includes content-rich sessions led by CRC analysts, branded manufacturers and industry thought leaders

Trusted partner

Lastly, we help brands pick the right partners to accelerate their digital and omnichannel business. Our current customers view us as a bureau for filtering the best-in-class 3rd party service providers. Given our expansive industry relationships and experience, we’ve enabled hundreds of brands identify the right partners – from software platforms to full-serve agencies. Through our Thought Leader Program, we help introduce and share insights from many of those best-in-class companies to help take our customers’ business to the next level.

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Looking for additional eCommerce insights & resources?

CRC Insights capture a bird’s eye view of the latest eCommerce trends and forecasts so that you can remain responsive to the highly-charged, ever-changing omnichannel space.