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Traditional Retail Council

CRC has a broad range of intelligence and actionable insights on traditional brick & mortar retailers across the mass, club, grocery, and dollar channels. Research coverage includes the largest retailers within each vertical highlighting business inflections, company-specific strategies, and market share fluctuations across the entire retail landscape.

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Insights that offer a clear picture of where the industry is today and where it’s heading in the future

CRC’s custom reports provide insight into the current brick & mortar retail environment including helpful actionable conclusions that can be used immediately to clarify and strengthen your business across the mass, club, grocery, and dollar channels. Partners have access to reports that encompass industry overviews, customer updates, consumer surveys, and channel outlooks distributed to your inbox each week.

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Both inspirational and tactical, CRC’s event and webinar experiences offer high-level thought leadership

Annual events

CRC’s annual Walmart Forum provides key initiatives and takeaways on how to strategically position your business to respond to the largest US retailer’s forward-looking strategies. The event combines the top priorities from Walmart’s periodic investor presentations with thousands of industry calls with industry experts to help suppliers across categories win at Walmart.


We host real-time and relevant retail webinars to share key changes and emerging themes in the industry with practical applications to help partners with tactical and strategic planning.


Aimed at sharing best practices, CRC’s small-group roundtable discussions bring together non-competing suppliers to discuss current challenges, new ways to navigate and key considerations to help grow their business at their largest retail partners.

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CRC can help you keep your finger on the pulse of all things retail including actionable conclusions and tactics that you can execute immediately. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to win in the mass, club, grocery, or dollar channel, we have you covered with insights on the evolving customer purchase decision process. Click to request a sample report and connect with our traditional retail experts.