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The consumer landscape is changing, and it’s only getting more expansive. Emerging purchase methods and converging channels are becoming the norm, and different and unique brands are winning with the consumer.

Thriving in the omnichannel landscape requires an understanding of macroeconomic influences, the competitive market, retailers, channels, foodservice operators, and consumers – and CRC has a direct connection with each. We can help you succeed in a murky, new world.

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Expert insights for your business

The CRC advisory team builds off CRC’s market research foundation to provide custom work that’s rooted in our expertise across multiple sectors and industries. We are a team of expert consultants and analysts who come together to help you understand the full story around a certain issue. In each project we take on, our team will contextualize your specific custom study within our broader research so you can get a holistic perspective across the landscape. Supplementing our 50,000+ industry interactions and 60+ syndicated consumer and supplier benchmarks per year with additional qualitative and quantitative approaches, we create and compile real-time, actionable insights that help best-in-class companies gain incremental share.

Advisory Services

Decades of experience to meet your company’s needs

Our regular and repeated research and decades of expertise allows us to be able to spot trends and inflection points earlier and more accurately than our competitors, giving you a tactical advantage. We’re one step removed from your business, combining our aggregated channel insights and strategic conversations with industry leaders to evaluate how effectively your plans fit into the market holistically. Our external perspective lets us bring new, unique ideas to the forefront of your strategy.

We offer a forward-looking lens. We offer winning tactics. We offer strategic innovation. We offer expert experience. We offer a macroeconomic perspective.


Answering your toughest questions

We can provide solutions to key issues like:

  • What is my consumers’ path to purchase and what are the differences between the generations?
  • How do I set my omnichannel strategy without upsetting my existing retailer relationships?
  • How are operators’ making their purchase decisions and how are they integrating digital purchase methods?
  • What do consumers think about our new, innovative, energy efficient product?
  • Is impulse purchasing still happening for my category?
  • How will outdoor space utilization in restaurants shift over time?
  • What is the product usage of my category and how has this shifted over time?
  • Are the claims on our packaging working?
  • What does the brand landscape look like for my product line?

What we’re known for

We provide reactions to real-time events across the landscape. We share insights for key business pitches, both internally and externally. We explore end-user habits and shopping behaviors.

Cross Industry
Cross-Industry Expertise
The Mind of the Consumer
Strategic Implementation & Follow-Through
Internal & External Support
Internal & External Support

How we achieve this

We leverage our tailored B2C and B2B panels comprised of consumers, foodservice operators, and pros to get to the bottom of your questions, and use a combination of qualitative and quantitative approaches.

Creative Design
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In-Depth Research

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We are more than market intelligence; we use our ground-level channel research to contextualize and generate recommendations. Our goal is to help you navigate through the rapidly changing omnichannel world. Tell us a little bit about yourself and connect with one of our Advisory team members.