Ecommerce Transaction

Path to purchase

Leveraging our conversion matrix from awareness to attainment, we will give insight into each step the consumer takes before and after a purchase in your category. We will contextualize your shopper and category nuances in relation to our proprietary benchmark data to better understand which investments you should make to foster growth amongst shoppers.

Marketing Investment Strategy

Marketing investment strategy

Marketing dollars are often spent with little insight into the ROI. We will work with you to understand where your end-user is learning about your product and every touch point from there so you have concrete insights into where is best to invest the limited budget you have.

Friends on steps

Consumer segmentation & personas

We highlight demographic, psychographic, behavioral, and needs-based inflections to give you in-depth profiles across your shopper types. You’ll gain a clear understanding of who your shopper truly is.

Strategy Meeting

Promotional strategy

We’ll work closely with our marketing and advertising analysts to help you shape your promotional strategy to be as efficient as possible, focusing on key areas of growth and opportunity across the marketing landscape as well as diving specifically into what types of promotions will work best for your products in each channel and retailer partner.

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We are more than market intelligence; we use our ground-level channel research to contextualize and generate recommendations. Tell us a little bit about yourself and connect with one of our Advisory team members.