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CRC’s Farm, Ranch & Home Retail Council is a comprehensive retail market research resource for managing both small and large retailers such as Tractor Supply, Orscheln, Bomgaars, Rural King, and other regional retailers. The depth and breadth of our channel insights, historical datasets, and industry expertise reflects 20 years of channel experience, with council members represented across all major categories within Farm, Ranch & Home Retail.

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Retail market research reports to help you win with key customers across the Farm, Ranch & Home Retail industry

Our proprietary retail market research report process measures performance across key Farm, Ranch & Home Retail categories and industry drivers. We specialize in identifying inflections to help you grow more profitably and better navigate the quickly evolving customer path to purchase process. Through your partnership, you can expect key industry updates, shopper profiles, benchmarking resources, department performance insights and much more.

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Aimed at sharing real-time best practices across the industry, we facilitate small-group virtual and in-person roundtable discussions with our members every quarter. These sessions allow professionals to navigate new challenges and identify vendor best practices. We also hold webinars throughout the year to dive deeper into the latest trends and themes we’re noticing in the Farm, Ranch & Home Retail market.

Farm, Ranch & Home Retail Market Research FAQs

The total addressable market for the Farm, Ranch & Home Retail channel has grown significantly since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, and with it, the competitive landscape. There are many regional retailers in this space, each with their own unique points of differentiation. Our Farm, Ranch & Home retail market research work includes reports like shopper profiles, SWOT analysis, and foot traffic trends. This gives our vendors a crucial understanding and helps them identify points of inflection with each of these retailers.

Through Cleveland Research’s extensive industry work and 20+ year background in the Farm, Ranch & Home retail space, our published retail market research reports explore the Farm & Home channel in aggregate as well as key retailers in the space. By understanding the overall landscape and nuances between retailers, vendors can better position their products across this growing retail channel.

By utilizing annual customer benchmark data, Cleveland Research publishes its Shopper Profile series across key Farm, Ranch & Home retailers as well as relevant categories across the store. As the Farm, Ranch & Home retail channel has grown since the pandemic, it is imperative to understand how your brand and products align and resonate with this now younger, leaning female, rural revitalization-oriented customer.

Our work not only covers Farm, Ranch & Home retailers, but the leading categories within the space. This includes large animal products, sporting goods, apparel & footwear – our vendors’ products span the store. Within this work we identify top characteristics of shoppers across categories, how categories perform at key Farm & Home retailers, and projections for category growth in the channel.

The growth seen in the Farm, Ranch & Home Retail channel over the last three to five years has been tremendous – spurred by the pandemic and increased trends of homesteading and rural revitalization. Based on our retail market research today, we see these trends holding. Customers continue to cite growing spend in the channel, and our vendor community anticipates positive comp growth at key Farm, Ranch & Home retailers. To address growth, we analyze retailer by retailer and category by category, publishing estimates within our work to help vendors plan their Farm, Ranch & Home strategies.

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