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The combination of our industry expertise and unbiased independence delivers a compelling voice of the market to our business partners. Through our reports, events, webinars, and advisory services, we answer questions and solve problems to make you smarter and more profitable.

CRC Channel Edge

Our analysts engage with thousands of experts that they’ve connected with over the years. They leverage these relationships to collect, track and analyze real-time information and field over a million consumer surveys annually.
It is our broad network across categories that helps us identify and share best practices, highlight what’s working within key channels, and equip you with the knowledge to help you outperform your competition.

We are real-time. We are forward-looking. We offer the whole picture.

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Connect directly with our team to discuss how our research can answer your most-pressing questions and be applied to your unique business needs.

Research Breakdown

Our research provides in-depth reporting on specific strategies and financial performance in the context of the broader business landscape.


Retailer insights

We regularly interact with a wide network of experts that enables us to share what methods work across channels.


Manufacturer benchmarks

Our surveys and benchmarks are conducted regularly and provide insights on profitability, performance, and marketing efforts.


Consumer studies

These data points complement our research by telling the whole story of the market- such as how changing shopper preferences will affect branded manufacturers.


Macroeconomic forecasts

Our real-time insights into the latest economic developments help you more accurately plan your business.

Becoming a Partner

When you become a CRC Partner, you gain access to our network of research analysts and our expansive research collection. We also provide custom advisory services for specific project needs.


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Who Uses Our Research

For 20 years, Cleveland Research has been a trusted source for investors on Wall Street–leading to the most differentiated and sought after product in the research space.

Our firm was built by analysts driven for excellence in everything they do with the desire to produce research of the highest quality and value.

From manufacturers to distributors, suppliers and consumer brands, we serve industries related to traditional retail, foodservice, home improvement, farm and home, eCommerce, travel, technology.

Below is a sample of some of the companies that rely on our research to make better-informed business decisions.

Complimentary Resources

Our team of experts publishes a collection of reports to help businesses better understand the current climate, evolving trajectory, and latest trends.

Here’s a peek at the kind of insights you can expect as a partner.

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Amazon Struggles in Industrial Distribution, AMS Video Ads on Mobile, Amazon Advertising Sees Highest ROIs

Amazon Business Not Necessarily Disrupting Industrial Distributors Our recent research into the industrial distributor market shows limited…

AVN’s Remain a Challenge; Amazon Limits Private Label Ads; Amazon Remains eComm Growth Leader

AVN Negotiations More Difficult and Slower Than Last Year Feedback from brands selling on Amazon over the…

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