Research Insights

We provide insight and detailed analysis into 150 of the largest companies spanning four primary industries. Conducted regularly and repeatedly, we spot trends and inflection points faster and more accurately than other research providers.

Our unique business model is constructed with a singular focus: producing the highest quality actionable research in the market. With decades of experience across our research department, we have established both context and content that leads to conviction across 50 different end markets.

CRC’s Market Research gathers premier market intelligence for our partners. Through reports, events, webinars, and consumer surveys, we provide a clear picture of where a channel or retailer is today and where it’s heading in the future. Thanks to our deep-rooted contact networks, we’re able to track key macroeconomic trends and consumer forecasts.

CRC’s Equity Research provides investment-based research by analyzing companies and identifying changes in the market. Our exclusive customer portfolio benefits from the relationships we hold within the consumer, industrial, technology, and healthcare sectors – giving us the confidence to help companies make better-informed investment decisions.

Our independent research provides customers with insights needed to gain conviction behind their high-stakes investment and strategic decisions. CRC’s Advisory team tailors each project to provide guidance on how to react to the ever-changing business landscape and stay ahead of the curve through deeper critical thinking.