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CRC’s Technology Council delivers comprehensive advisory services and market intelligence across cybersecurity, cloud, and enterprise software. CRC customers leverage our analyst team and technology insights to better tailor their product and service offerings to meet today’s CIO & CISO needs.

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Cloud computing

IT market research to help you navigate an increasingly complex landscape

Across our technology teams, we have continuous dialogue with CIOs, CISOs, integrators, and consultancies to gain insight into customer priorities, demand trends, vendor performance, and technology adoption. Combining these conversations with real-time data, we help our customers make better-informed business decisions on technology, vendor, and market alignment.

Quick time to value through concise delivery of information:

Executives leverage our research to speed up decision making, identify new growth opportunities, and source unbiased perspective. We focus on market outcomes in the next 1-2 years to help businesses adjust strategy accordingly.

Our customers have identified ROI from our research in a number of areas:

  • Time savings through concise dissemination of earnings reports and major industry news
  • Improve field seller efficacy by arming them with real time intelligence
  • Speed up executive decision making & enabling more confidence in business decisions
  • Identify successful emerging vendors earlier in the lifecycle

Cloud Computing

Categories we cover include:

Cloud (IaaS & PaaS)
Data & Analytics
Data & Analytics
Digital CX (CRM, MarTech)
Generative AI
Productivity (ITSM & Collab)
Productivity (ITSM & Collab)
Circuit Board

Better plan, size, and prioritize IT practice areas and vendor alignment

Business leaders leverage CRC’s technology research and advisory services to better align with high growth categories, make early investments in vendor relationships, and more accurately forecast. We arm our customers with meaningful intelligence ahead of “moment of truth” scenarios including executive strategy meetings, sales pitches, and vendor negotiations.

Cyber Security

Improve visibility into the priorities and budgets of CIOs & CISOs

Through our regular discussions with CIOs & CISOs, we understand how organizations are prioritizing projects, budgets, and vendor investments. We’re here to improve your go-to-market and service offerings to meet CIO & CISO needs.


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Analyst engagement

With a CRC partnership, you’ll gain access to our research analysts to help answer your most pressing questions. We’re also available to speak at industry sessions, sales kick-offs, and small group discussions.


Customers leverage our analysts to speak at events on behalf of our customers including industry sessions, sales kick-offs, and small group discussions.

Research & reports

Our technology market research reports provide quick value with our concise delivery of information. Reports may include industry trends, thematic topics, forecasts, benchmarking resources, and proprietary data – reflecting an unbiased perspective curated from our CIO, CISO, and channel relationships.

Technology market research FAQs

Research suggests ISVs are accelerating their transition to cloud marketplace to take advantage of customers’ excess cloud commitments and accelerate sales cycles. We see an increasing number of partners listing their services on marketplaces to help support customers transacting this way, and shifting more resources away from traditional reselling.

CISOs we speak with are emphasizing cost optimization, meeting new regulatory hurdles, investing in data security & privacy, and solving labor shortages through managed services as top priorities in 2024.

Consultancies appear to be having success assisting organizations identify industry-specific problems and inefficiencies that can be solved through Generative AI usage. This extends to solving skill gaps within the workforce, such as data science, data engineering, and prompt engineering. Security consultancies appear to be having success helping organizations assess security and compliance-related risks associated with Generative AI usage.

We estimate ~75% of enterprises are likely to have started a cloud cost optimization (CCO) program by the end of 2023, up from ~25% to start the year. Partner opportunity for CCO appears to be around driving outcomes and behavioral change at the end customer vs. selling additional tools and creating dashboards.

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