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Essential Categories Seeing Stronger Sales on Amazon

Essential Product Sales, In-Store Shopping Bans, Amazon COVID-19 Cases

Essential Categories Seeing Stronger Sales on Amazon The second round of our Amazon manufacturer benchmark indicates that Amazon’s focus the last 10 days has resulted in a widening performance disparity between essential and non-essential categories. This played out with a... Read More

Consumers’ Reacting to COVID-19 with More Online Shopping

Shift to Online; Ad Revenues Falling; Amazon Winning Share

Consumers’ Reacting to COVID-19 with More Online Shopping Our consumer study published earlier this week suggests consumers are moving more purchasing online as they are stuck at home. According to the study, consumers are planning to increase online purchases 20%,... Read More

Amazon Food and Consumables Sales Surging

Food and CPG Sales Surge; Amazon Warehouses; Purchase Order Declines

Amazon Food and Consumables Sales Surging Our recent COVID-19 benchmark indicates that food & consumables manufacturers are seeing a surge in demand on Amazon during March and are increasing their 2020 growth forecasts on the account. All food manufacturers and... Read More

Amazon Pantry

Amazon Pantry, Amazon Go at Airports, Profit vs Growth

Amazon Pantry After years of varying strategies and performance, Amazon is looking to revamp Pantry by expanding it to more customers and seeking meaningful support from manufacturers. According to our research, Pantry has been reinvigorated with a new team that... Read More

Target Same Day Service

Amazon Posts, Target’s Same-Day Services, Walmart’s New Omnichannel Team

Amazon Posts We continue to hear more manufacturers testing Amazon's new Posts feature, which essentially looks similar to an Instagram post and can be found on various different areas of the mobile site, such as on brand-owned detail pages, related... Read More

Amazon Opens First Go Grocery Store

Premium A+, Go Grocery, Vendor Negotiations

Premium A+ Content Amazon has rolled out another form of enhanced A+ content that allows manufacturers to include richer content on their product detail pages. The program, while initially free, is now being presented to vendors in the $500k range... Read More

Amazon Introducing One Tap Ratings

SIOC Update, One Tap Reviews, Amazon Advertising

More Restrictive SIOC Several members of our eCommerce Council emailed us recently asking if we had heard of Amazon updating the SIOC requirements. Our understanding is that most members with non-sortable products have received communication from Amazon indicating the specs... Read More

Amazon the Largest Ad Buyer on Earth

AVN’s, World’s Largest Advertiser, FC Buildout

Annual Vendor Negotiations (AVNs) Despite Amazon looking to be price competitive and offer the best assortment online, it is continuing to seek out the best terms from manufacturers. While each AVN experience is unique, a couple of commonalities stand out... Read More

Amazon’s Results Highlight Marketplace, Prime and One Day

Amazon’s Growth, YouTube and Instagram, FC Investments

Amazon’s Results Highlight Marketplace, Prime and One Day Amazon’s 4Q19 results came in very strong, with 1P sales growing 15% Y/Y (vs. 22% last quarter) and 3P sales reaching 30% Y/Y (vs. 27% last quarter). This translates to an estimated... Read More

Department of Homeland Security Looks to Combat Counterfeiting

Amazon’s Future, Government Counterfeit Recommendations, Amazon Earnings

Amazon Likely Continues Shift Towards 3P Marketplace In our recent eCommerce Forecasts report we looked into Amazon over the next several years and saw several key changes occurring for the eTailer. The most notable is likely the continued shift towards... Read More

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