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Amazon Advertising: Share of total retail media & 2021 performance by AMS ad type

For this edition of 3 Things, we are previewing some highlights and key considerations from our 2022 Amazon Advertising benchmark that will be published Tuesday, June 14th. The study was conducted in May 2022 and was completed by 112 brands... Read More

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Amazon Advertising Challenges; Amazon Store & Posts; Retail Foot Traffic

Increased cost to advertising on Amazon is top challenge for brands year-to-date: In our 2022 Amazon Advertising benchmark we found that over half of General Merchandise and Food & CPG brands reported that CPC/CPM increases have been the biggest challenge... Read More

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eCommerce Growth, Pull Back in Ad Spend & Consumer Spending

eCommerce growth moderating with digital penetration normalizing; retailers continue to make omnichannel investments: In our latest slide deck we take a look at 1Q22 results from some of the largest retailers and online marketplaces. Within these results we see online... Read More

E-Grocery Consumer: Price Sensitivity & Future Usage Outlook; Live Shopping

E-Grocery Consumer: Price Sensitivity & Future Usage Outlook; Live Shopping

How do consumers view e-grocery platform pricing compared to in-store? In our latest study tracking 1800 online grocery shoppers it was clear that the online grocery players fall into 3 tiers in terms of consumer price perception. First, is which... Read More

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Retailer Capacity Constraints; Walmart Connect; Amazon Assortment

Retailers facing growing capacity constraints; Amazon looks well positioned vs. peers:Our team recently published a report focusing on the growing capacity constraints across retailers which we anticipate will likely drive markdowns and replenishment cuts across categories. Our research points to... Read More

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Amazon aggregators, Amazon labor capacity, Macro labor demand

Amazon aggregators: consolidation, layoffs, and leadership changes: Recently, there looks to have been an inflection in the aggregator space which has brought on consolidation, layoffs, and leadership changes. We believe a combination of factors including rising costs, elevated CACs, debt... Read More

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Amazon Price Increases & Instacart Consumer Insights Portal

Pricing action does not look to be enough to fully offset input cost inflation for majority of brands: In our latest benchmark we have found that Amazon price increases have not fully covered input cost inflation for brands, resulting in margin... Read More

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Stackline Brand Loyalty Data; Amazon Price Increases; Amazon’s 2021 Letter to Shareholders

Grocery category seeing highest brand retention rate at only 29%:Earlier this week CRC hosted our second installment of our 2022 Thought Leader Webinar Series where we were joined by Michael Lagoni, CEO of Stackline. During the session Michael touched on... Read More

Amazon shortage deductions, Amazon's DSP, Truckload cost inflation

Amazon shortage deductions, Amazon’s DSP, Truckload cost inflation

Some brands having more success with Amazon chargebacks:In our LiveCast yesterday we polled our community and found 53% of brands are successful in receiving 50% or greater of Amazon deductions credited back. This is a slight improvement compared to the... Read More

How other brands fund Instacart investments

CRC’s 2022 eCommerce Summit; Instacart Update; Inflation

Jet set to sunny San Diego for the 10th annual show:We’re excited to return in-person for CRC's 2022 eCommerce Summit in San Diego, CA! The Summit will include a cocktail reception the night of September 14th, followed by a full... Read More

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