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Amazon Inventory

Holiday 2021: Supply Chain Pressures, Rising Demand and Price Increases

Our recent Consumer Holiday Pulse Survey showed 43% of consumers have already started holiday shopping. A net 57% of those shoppers reported that they started earlier this year vs. last, largely due to supply chain concerns. Most brands are experiencing... Read More

Amazon Shopper Data

Income Level and Amazon Shoppers: The Consumer Insights You Need to Know

Our Amazon Shopper Consumer Study suggests high income shoppers rely on eCommerce, and Amazon in particular, much more heavily than low and middle income Amazon shoppers. On average, high income shoppers are doing 57% of their annual purchases online, and... Read More

Instacart Kroger Partnership

Shifting Digital Preferences; Online Grocery Forecasts; Kroger + Instacart Partnership

Throughout the pandemic, consumers’ preferences for purchasing groceries in-store vs. online have ebbed and flowed. In our most recent round of work, we found yet another reversion away from stores with 35% of consumers saying they did the majority of... Read More

Consumer Survey Highlights Continued eCommerce Share Growth

eCommerce Share, Target Digital up 275%, Walmart.com and Online Grocery Growth

Feedback from our most recent COVID-19 consumer survey indicates shoppers continue to migrate online due to the ongoing crisis. Within general merchandise, eCommerce share accelerated by 5 points since our last survey (now at 55%), with 58% expecting to purchase... Read More

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