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Amazon Advertising

Growth Trends & Outlook; Profitability; Advertising

In our latest Amazon research we explore recent trends, themes, and top considerations over the last 30 days. Here are our top 3 takeaways. Source: CRC 2022 Vendor Performance Benchmark, n=73 Some softer-than-expected sales trends in January; brands expecting similar growth... Read More

Amazon AVN

Top AVN focuses: GMMs, SAS program, freight ; Brands increasing investments in 2022

For this week’s edition of 3 Things, we are highlighting our 2022 Core Amazon.com Platform Update, which takes a deep dive into Amazon’s 2022 AVN season so far. One of the top areas brands reported Amazon focusing on during AVNs... Read More

Amazon Opens First Go Grocery Store

Premium A+, Go Grocery, Vendor Negotiations

Amazon has rolled out another form of enhanced A+ content that allows manufacturers to include richer content on their product detail pages. The program, while initially free, is now being presented to vendors in the $500k range to have portfolio-wide... Read More

Amazon the Largest Ad Buyer on Earth

AVN’s, World’s Largest Advertiser, FC Buildout

Despite Amazon looking to be price competitive and offer the best assortment online, it is continuing to seek out the best terms from manufacturers. While each AVN experience is unique, a couple of commonalities stand out this year. First, several... Read More

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