Supplier Stuff You Should Know - a Home Improvement Podcast

Supplier Stuff You Should Know – Episode 2: Understanding the Retail Media Opportunity in Home Improvement


Retail Media is a key component to home improvement retailer’s marketing strategies. Claire walks us through how the emergence of Retail Media, key statistics around vendor engagement at both Retail Media+ and Lowe’s One Roof Media Network. Ultimately diving into how this marketing platform needs to be a key proponent…

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Facebook makes progress on social commerce

Amazon Media; Social Commerce Update; Material Acceleration in eCommerce Growth


Amazon’s advertising business grew 44 % during 1Q (ending March 2020), up from 41% during the prior quarter. In our research, 1P manufacturers on average were increasing the amount of spend with Amazon’s paid search advertising units (AMS), citing continued positive ROI’s and the reduction in other promotional vehicles like…

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