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Amazon AVN

Top AVN focuses: GMMs, SAS program, freight ; Brands increasing investments in 2022

For this week’s edition of 3 Things, we are highlighting our 2022 Core Amazon.com Platform Update, which takes a deep dive into Amazon’s 2022 AVN season so far. One of the top areas brands reported Amazon focusing on during AVNs... Read More

Ocean & Air Costs; B&M Amazon Stores; Online Retailor Survey

 Our research indicates shippers should prepare for ocean and air freight costs to be 100% above pre-COVID levels through 2022 as strong demand (ocean) and capacity scarcity (air) persists. The most notable changes over the past 60 days is the... Read More

Freight Savings; Alibaba in the US; Amazon Segment Growth

Shippers Seeing Opportunity for Freight Savings Our research into the transportation space has indicated that Truckload (TL) rates are trending down 5-10% in recent bids (as compared to 5-10% increases a year ago), providing an opportunity for manufacturers to mitigate... Read More

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