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Amazon Shortages & Chargebacks: supplier tips and tricks for managing these fines

Amazon Shortages & Chargebacks: Suppliers tips & tricks for managing these fines

93% of brands receive supply chain-related chargebacks from Amazon In our benchmarking data we found that nearly all brands receive supply chain-related chargebacks from Amazon, and 90% report receiving shortage deductions that are believed to be incorrect. Benchmarking data from... Read More

Amazon Priority Catalogue and Supplier Pack Hierarchy

  Our most recent eCommerce research report overs Amazon’s new Priority Catalog beta (aka “brand lock” or “catalog lock”). The catalogue is a part of an effort to minimize the ability of 3P sellers to disrupt product page content and... Read More

Essential Categories Seeing Stronger Sales on Amazon

Essential Product Sales, In-Store Shopping Bans, Amazon COVID-19 Cases

The second round of our Amazon manufacturer benchmark indicates that Amazon’s focus the last 10 days has resulted in a widening performance disparity between essential and non-essential categories. This played out with a much wider dispersion in sales in March... Read More

Amazon the Largest Ad Buyer on Earth

AVN’s, World’s Largest Advertiser, FC Buildout

Despite Amazon looking to be price competitive and offer the best assortment online, it is continuing to seek out the best terms from manufacturers. While each AVN experience is unique, a couple of commonalities stand out this year. First, several... Read More

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