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To supplement learnings from this webinar, please download Marketplace Strategy's latest best practice guides for advertising on Instacart and Inside you’ll find easy-to-follow guidance and tangible tips to apply directly to your strategies.

CRC’s Thought Leader partners at Marketplace Strategy, a Code3 Company, have a wealth of resources readily available at your fingertips. Below you’ll find two hand-picked guides that relate directly to our recent webinar. Should you be looking for additional insights surrounding Instacart,, Amazon, or other marketplaces, click here to explore.

Advertising on Instacart – The Basics

There’s no doubt Instacart is one of the fastest-growing e-commerce channels. This year, MPS clients have added it to their roster of marketplaces and will continue to tap into its capabilities, including advertising. If your brand is interested in getting started with advertising on Instacart, this guide is for you. Download the guide for need-to-know information before your brand gets started.

Advertising on – Sponsored Products

Historically, advertisers had to work with Walmart Media Group (WMG) to launch campaigns. But in 2020, Walmart Advertising released a self-serve option for Sponsored Products. Download this guide to learn more about this ad type

Whitepaper Download: Advertising on

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