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eCommerce Summit Catalyst for Change

Join over 600 eCommerce professionals at this year’s eCommerce Summit. Cleveland Research Company (CRC) provides new perspective and frontline insights with clear strategic and tactical recommendations from leading thinkers to help attendees capture eCommerce growth.

CRC’s eCommerce Summit is designed for eCommerce leaders inside of brands across all categories looking to get educated on the best opportunities to invest to position themselves strategically for the future of eCommerce. Our goal for the conference is to equip you to be a Catalyst for Change inside your organization – identify the needle moving opportunities, challenge the status quo, and invest for the long-term.

Russ Dieringer, Executive Director of eCommerce at Cleveland Research, will start the Summit with a keynote address aimed at identifying the key strategic priorities brands should be pursuing to win in retail over the next five years. Each year this keynote presentation goes after the big ideas around the consumer’s path to purchase, the impact of team dynamics inside an organization, and how brands can put themselves at the center of where retail is heading.

We are also very pleased to announce Chieh Huang, Co-Founder and CEO of Boxed, will be presenting our industry keynote. Boxed is a company that is disrupting the wholesale shopping club experience by enabling consumers to shop for bulk-sized items online or via mobile app and have it delivered directly to the door. Chieh will educate the audience on how he and his team have built a valuable eCommerce business amidst stiff competition.

Following industry keynotes, attendees will have the chance to participate in workshops and breakout sessions all designed with branded manufacturers in mind. Topics in these sessions will include protecting your brand on the 3P marketplace, identifying competitive opportunities to win share and enter new markets, improving profitability on Amazon and off, finding best practices for building successful eCommerce teams, and reaching today’s digital consumer – read below to see more descriptions of these sessions and the guest speakers that will present.

Hotel Accommodations

Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel
1 Market Pl, San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 232-1234

Reservations can be made by calling (888) 421-1442 under Cleveland Research Company or by clicking here. Group room rate for the event is $229

Schedule of Events

Wednesday, September 12
6:00 pm – 9:00 pm – Welcome Reception

Thursday, September 13
7:00 am – 8:00 am – Breakfast
8:00 am – 9:00 am – CRC Opening Keynote
9:00 am – 11:00 am – Keynote Speakers
11:00 am – 4:00 pm – Breakout Sessions & Lunch
4:00 pm – 5:00 pm – Wrap Up
5:00 pm – 7:00 pm – Cocktail Reception

Keynote Sessions

Are we Innovating or Conforming?
In this provocative session, keynote speaker Robin Bienfait will offer an honest look at the State of Digital Enterprise Innovation and ‘why’ ecommerce is critical. Robin’s global senior technology executive experience will help attendees understand why innovation and the culture around it are critical to a brands’ success, with key elements including:

  • Innovation – friend or foe? Are you innovating to catch-up, to chase competitors…or lead the charge? How to assess your company’s innovation
  • Tracking innovation in and outside of your organization/ industry
  • Embracing innovation as an Enterprise – creating a culture of change

Workshop Sessions

Taking Back Control of the 3P Marketplace
The concept of a 3P marketplace, where sellers from all over the world can essentially list any product for any price, has fundamentally changed retail. This disruptive change has left many vendors at a loss for how to gain back control over unwanted sellers, product proliferation, counterfeits, brand integrity, and pricing consistency.

To help brands identify tangible strategies to indeed take back control, Whitney Gibson, partner at Vorys Law Firm, will lead a strategy workshop designed to give brands tangible strategies to take back control Mr. Gibson is at the forefront of the new retail strategy for brands looking to better control the marketplace in order to grow faster and more profitably. In this workshop, Mr. Gibson will walk through several tactical and strategic recommendations designed to give brands the necessary insight they need to immediately begin implementing an effective 3P marketplace strategy.

This workshop is best for brands that have struggled with unwanted sellers, counterfeit products, pricing integrity issues, and not knowing where to begin when it comes to the 3P marketplace.

How to Win Share on Amazon via Data & Analytics
Brands are often surprised to find out that their biggest rivals on Amazon may not even be sold inside of the stores they typically compete in. Without a clear understanding of the competition, brands are often at a lost when it comes to developing a clear strategic direction around resourcing, marketing, merchandising, product development, and supply chain initiatives.

In this workshop session, Michael Lagoni, founder of Stackline (an eCommerce analytics platform) will walk participants step by step through a detailed understanding of how to identify the competition and once identified, how to win share. This session will include insight on what data is the most relevant, where brands can access this data, how brands should analyze the data, and ultimately what recommendations can be gleaned to better inform tactical and strategic decision-making.

While Michael will leverage Stackline’s technology in this session, he also plans to identify tools and techniques available to brands of all sizes that are looking to get a much deeper understanding of the competitive environment. Participants will leave the session with a much better understanding of how they can tell who they are competing with and ultimately what they can do to grow faster.

Breakout Sessions

Case Studies and Tear Downs of the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Amazon Experiences
Who is winning on Amazon and WHY are they winning? The best strategies and tactics needed to rise above the noise, be consistently discovered, and grow sales on Amazon are a constant moving target. In this session, Rob Gonzalez from Salsify will tear down a number of Amazon product detail pages and highlight current best practices on how to win.

Making the Connection Between In-Store & Digital
Instacart works with over 1,000 brand partners in the digital space to help them connect their in-store strategy with their digital evolution giving it a unique vantage point on strategies CPG and food companies can take to win online. Dan Bourgault, Head of Brand Partnerships at Instacart, will combine unique datapoints from Instacart along with his strategic perspective on the tactics brands are using to engage with the digital shopper, build bigger baskets, drive market share and other best practices companies are implementing to drive faster revenue growth and make their brands come alive digitally.

Reaching Today’s Consumer via Advanced Digital TV
In the past 5 years, digital media has drastically disrupted traditional channels like Print and Radio thanks to accelerated consumer adoption of digital means. Now, consumers are cutting cable cords at record rates and digital is poised to displace traditional TV. Television, the keystone of branded communications for decades, is changing quickly and with it the process by which brands leverage the platform to reach individuals will evolve into a digitally driven one. It’s imperative that brands understand and begin to plan for advanced TV, and Tracey Scheppach is an expert in this space.

Creating a Lean, Mean Data Team
Ready for your organization to become data-driven, but not sure how to get started? At Reviewbox, we’ve helped multiple brands start their data journey and would like to share some key lessons. During this critical session:

  • What data is currently available to Amazon brands and how to obtain this data
  • What you can do with this data to begin addressing KPIs
  • How to recruit and structure your data science team to begin addressing key questions

Data Driven Design
Millions of Amazon customers search the Amazon site every day for products that meet very specific criteria. They also share feedback, write critical reviews and ask questions about products. In this breakout session, former Amazon executive Larry Pluimer shares insights on how Amazon’s abundant data points can be put to work to intelligently design and position products that will resonate with customers. Through his agency, Indigitous, Pluimer and his team have worked with scores of brands to sharpen their product messaging, identify niches and position their products for success on Amazon. We’ll review case studies and share practical tips that can easily be applied to almost any business.

eCommerce Team Success Stories – Leading Brands Share Best Practices
eCommerce success fundamentally starts with buy-in from the organization and a team of talented individuals that can create a vision and execute on that vision. But how to put that into practice differs by company and can be incredibly challenging. In this session, we are proud to bring together several successful brands that have recently developed a strong eCommerce team foundation with a goal towards growing faster and more profitability. Key focal areas will include getting senior leadership buy-in, understanding where the eCommerce team should report into, and what new hires really moved the needle for the organization, among others.

Scott Sommers – Director, eCommerce Strategy, Shurtech
Tom Murphy – eCommerce Team Lead, Barilla
Laura Hyland – Vice President, eCommerce US, Henkel
Tiffany Pratt – Director of eCommerce Sales, Clif Bar Company

Understanding Product Needs to Build a Sustainably Profitable eCommerce Model
The eCommerce landscape is made up of shifting components including marketplaces, advertising, technologies, payment, devices, delivery and more. Three of the forces driving the shifts are consumer needs for engagement, brand needs for options, and also product needs for profitability. Products have needs, too, and eCommerce is rewarding those products that are ready and hurting ones that are forced through models that don’t work. Speaker Raj Sapru, Director of Strategy at Netrush, will focus on exploring product needs as the key to making strategic sense of the landscape and using profitability as the organizing principle for shaping a realistic eCommerce road map.

People-Based Attribution: Measurement for Omni-Channel Success
As YoY Ecommerce sales continue to grow at a rapid pace, investment in Digital Marketing & digital media buys has also grown significantly. While many still remember the glory days of incredibly low acquisition costs, competition has increased forcing many to question the true value of paid media – all the while, consumers buying patterns have become more fragmented (cross-device, online/offline) and harder to understand what marketing drives their motivation micro-moments.

During this session, Simon Poulton, Director of Digital Intelligence at Wpromote, will:

  • Challenges: Dive into the attribution challenges facing modern marketers working across Facebook, AdWords, Bing Ads, DoubleClick, Amazon & more.
  • Solution Discovery: Outline and weigh the pros & cons of existing attribution solutions available to the majority of digital marketers, including Google Attribution, Facebook Attribution, and the migration towards the 3rd wave of attribution modeling – Data Driven Attribution.
  • Looking Ahead: Share a vision for the future focusing on predicting lifetime value, evolving the way we look at cost-per-acquisition and the potential future challenges we will face.

More to Come…

eCommerce Summit Presenters

Chieh Huang, Co-Founder and CEO of Boxed

Chieh Huang is Co-Founder and CEO of Boxed, a company that is disrupting the wholesale shopping club experience by enabling you to shop for bulk-sized items online or via mobile app and have them delivered directly to your door.

Founded by Huang and three others in 2013, Forbes Magazine recently named Boxed one of the next “billion dollar startups.” The company currently delivers anywhere in the Continental United States, offers free two-day shipping on most orders, has raised over $150 million in funding, and is known for its creative employee perks. In 2015, Huang, the son of Taiwanese immigrants, announced he would be personally paying for the college tuition of all of his employees’ children.

Prior to founding Boxed, Huang served as the CEO of Astro Ape, one of the first mobile social gaming studios. Upon leading Astro Ape to acquisition by Zynga, Huang stayed on as Director of Zynga Mobile NY, leading the fastest and most efficient game team at the company.

Huang’s personal honors include being named to Goldman Sachs’ list of 100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs (2016), to National Retail Federation’s list of People Shaping Retails Future (2017) and as one of Crain’s 40 Under 40 (2017). In addition, under Huang’s guidance, Boxed was named Emerging E-retailer of the Year by Internet Retailer in 2016.

A passionate advocate for education, Huang has been invited to participate in various meetings at The White House where he discussed ways Boxed and the private sector at large can help solve the student debt crisis. Huang is also a sought-after voice on the future of eCommerce.

Huang is a 2003 graduate of The Johns Hopkins University and received his JD from Fordham University in 2007. He currently sits on the board of Johns Hopkins’ Second Decade Society and is a founding member of the New York chapter of the Leaders Forum, an organization dedicated to developing pathways for Asian American Pacific Islanders to move from private sector leadership to public service. He is also a member of the Young Presidents Organization (YPO).

Russ Dieringer

Executive Director, eCommerce Council, Cleveland Research Company
Russ Dieringer has been Executive Director of Cleveland Research Company’s eCommerce Council since September 2015, responsible for research, events, and advisory projects. Russ has always loved digging deep into different industries to help investors and brands uncover new areas of opportunity. Prior to joining CRC, Russ worked in the investment industry as a senior analyst helping manage private market investments for Parkwood, a family office located in Cleveland. In addition, Russ originally started his career at CRC helping investor clients uncover the best technology company investments.

Mitch Barley

Director, Digital Advertising, Cleveland Research Company
Mitch Barley recently joined Cleveland Research as a Director of Digital Advertising. Previously, Mitch worked for a global media agency where he led the strategic development of ad campaigns for major brands, including KraftHeinz Company and Sprint Wireless. Mitch offers experienced perspective in the advertising space and is looking forward to developing new Digital Advertising market research at CRC.

Claire McBride

Market Research Associate, eCommerce Council, Cleveland Research Company
Claire McBride is a part of Cleveland Research’s eCommerce team, helping to write research, put on events, and engage with brands competing in the eCommerce space. Claire comes from KeyBank, where she worked with consumer & retail clients on M&A transactions and debt and equity financings.

Oksana Pelts

Director, eCommerce Council, Cleveland Research Company
Oksana Pelts joined Cleveland Research as a Director of eCommerce in the beginning of 2018 and has been involved in eCommerce for the past 10 years. Most recently she helped lead eCommerce efforts at a national lighting brand, where she received an opportunity to work with eTailers such as Amazon, Wayfair, and Build.com. Oksana looks forward to helping brands achieve success in the ever-changing eCommerce space.

Mark Herbek

Founding Partner & Executive Director, Cleveland Research Company
Mark Herbek is a founding partner and the Executive Director of Home Improvement Research at Cleveland Research Company. Mark has spent the last 15 years analyzing the home improvement and building products industry (Pro, DIY, and eCommerce), specializing in identifying inflections to help vendors grow more profitably and better navigate the constantly evolving customer purchase decision process.

Matt Leiser

Director, Home Improvement Council, Cleveland Research Company
Matt Leiser is the Director of Home Improvement Council at Cleveland Research Company. Prior to joining CRC, Matt worked at Target Corporation in Minneapolis, where he developed a passion for mass retail over eight years in a variety of merchandising and management roles within Apparel and Accessories, Health and Beauty, Grocery and Home Improvement.

Robin Bienfait

CEO & Founder, Emnovate
Robin Bienfait is a global senior executive and board member with 30 years of leadership experience in enterprise technology, mobility, and security. Leveraging her C-level success driving transformation for AT&T, BlackBerry and Samsung. Robin is presently the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Emnovate, Chairman of Global Aviation and Partner with Valor Ventures. Emnovate is an advisory firm that delivers enterprise class services to help businesses embrace innovation. Robin has been selected to multiple public and private boards due to her collaborative, entrepreneurial approach to strategy creation, consensus building, corporate governance, and shareholder relations. Robin is a past member of the Hewlett Packard Advisory Board and the Cisco Strategic Advisory Board. Robin is also a member of the Georgia Institute of Technology Advisory Board and a Tiffany Circle Member of the American Red Cross.

Robin is a global influencer with 15 patents and is routinely tapped to present at global enterprise conferences, including the CIO Forum, Gartner and Forrester. She has received extensive exposure in Forbes, Fortune and The Wall Street Journal, and was recently named one of the Top 100 CIOs in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM).

Currently residing in Atlanta, Robin holds a master’s degree in management of technology from the Georgia Institute of Technology and a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Central Missouri State University.

Michael Lagoni

CEO, Stackline
Michael Lagoni is CEO of Stackline, a retail technology company based in Seattle, WA that was founded by a group of Amazon veterans. Stackline activates data, automates execution, and optimizes eCommerce marketing performance for hundreds of the world’s largest companies.

Before founding Stackline, Michael held data analytics roles at Amazon and The Boston Consulting Group where he helped consumer brands turn insights into commercial excellence.

Michael earned his MBA from Harvard Business School.

Rob Gonzalez

Co-Founder, Salsify
Rob is the co-founder of Salsify, which works with companies like Coca-Cola, 3M, Johnson & Johnson, Mars, LEGO, Levis, Bosch, L’Oreal, and hundreds of other global brands manage and optimize their brand presence on the digital shelf. Rob’s team at Salsify manages strategic retail partnerships including Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, Instacart, and others, as well as technology partnerships such as Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Shopify, Clavis, Bazaarvoice, and others. Prior to founding Salsify, Rob and his co-founders were with Endeca Technologies, acquired by Oracle for $1.1B in 2011. Endeca pioneered search, navigation, and merchandising for ecommerce, and powered ecommerce sites in the 00’s such as Walmart.com, HomeDepot.com, Target.com, Walgreens.com, and more than half of the top 100 internet retailers in North American, and hundreds more globally.

Dan Bourgault

Dan Bourgault has over 20+ years’ experience in Sales, Marketing, and Business Development. His career path is mainly focused in entertainment, CPG, and retail for both e-commerce and in-store. He has worked for Kodak, Universal Studios, GE/NBC, PRN Media, and Coupons.com. In his roles he has been successful building teams to drive revenue across multiple platforms including TV, theme parks, motion pictures, online, mobile and out of home media.

Currently, Dan is the head of Brand Partnerships for Instacart, leading the company’s efforts in developing strong relationships with all CPG companies. Instacart is building the best way for people everywhere in the world to shop for groceries. Using your phone or the web, you can order groceries and have them delivered to your door in minutes. Instacart is a company built for delivering “The Last Mile”, and they are building next generation solutions for their brand partners.

Tracey Scheppach

Tracey has been a key architect in building video’s future for more than 15 years pursuing her industry-leading expertise in areas such as advanced TV, programmatic TV, online video, cross platform video, second-by-second set-top box data, and SmarTV/ACR measurement. She played a pioneering role in bringing addressable TV advertising to life for some of the largest brands in the world, executing more than 250 campaigns for 50 leading clients including P&G, General Motors, Coke, Bank of America, Samsung and Kraft. As Co-founder and global director of VivaKi’s The Pool, Scheppach and her team gained insights into emerging forms of media and helped create industry standards for new advertising models across six markets, including U.S., China, UK, Middle East, Spain and Australia.

Jim Horey

Founder & CEO, ReviewBox
Jim is the founder and CEO of Reviewbox, a software company that helps brands monitor their product reviews, pricing information, and more from Amazon and other major retailers. Before starting Reviewbox, he helped form and lead multiple data analytics teams at Cirrus Insight and Oak Ridge National Lab. He is a self-avowed data geek and enjoys running long-distance races.

Larry Pluimer

Founder, Indigitous
Larry Pluimer is an eCommerce strategist with 20 years of experience helping brands and retailers successfully engage online customers. In 1998 he contributed to the team that launched Target.com; ten years later he was responsible for developing the Outdoor Recreation category on Amazon.com. In 2010, Larry founded Indigitous, a thriving Seattle-based Amazon agency that provides brands and their investors with the strategies, services and resources necessary to compete on Amazon.

Simon Poulton

Director of Digital Intelligence, WPromote
An interest in analytics forged in the fires of psychology, statistics & digital marketing, Simon has had a passion for finding creative ways to measure real-world scenarios from an early age. After receiving a BA Psychology from UCLA, he went on to architect and develop the Inbound Marketing team at Laserfiche. His interest soon turned to Wpromote, where he was one of the founding members of the Digital Strategy team and led client engagements with brands like Forever 21, Charming Charlie & Nutshell.

In his current role as the Director of Digital Intelligence, Simon actively engages with business leaders to democratize digital marketing analytics and allow organizations to make confident data-backed decisions.

Simon regularly speaks at industry events, and was recently invited to speak at both SMX East, SMX West & SMX Advanced on the topic of Data-Driven Attribution

Breakout Speakers

Abi Harmon – Senior Director Client Services, Flywheel Digital
Daren Garcia – Partner, Vorys Law Firm
Dave Isbitsky – Amazon
Eric Heller – Founder, Marketplace Ignition
Laura Erdman – Attorney, Vorys Law Firm
Laura Hyland – Vice President, eCommerce US, Henkel
Mark Stamps – Director of Digital Commerce & Advanced Analytics, The Harvest Group
Mark White – Co-Founder & President, content26
Megan Harbold – eCommerce Management Consultation, Mars Agency
Patrick Miller – Co-Founder, Flywheel Digital
Raj Sapru – Director of Strategy, NetRush
Rob Ciaffaglione – Team Leader, Shopper & Customer Marketing, Beiersdorf
Scott Sommers – Director, eCommerce Strategy, Shurtech
Simon Poulton – Director of Digital Intelligence, WPromote
Tiffany Pratt – Director of eCommerce Sales, Clif Bar Company
Tom Murphy – eCommerce Team Lead, Barilla
Whitney Gibson – Partner, Vorys Law Firm
Yakir Gola – Co-Founder, goPuff

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