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“Cleveland Research has been a valued partnered of PepsiCo’s for many years. Many of our senior executives look to CRC’s reports and summits to provide an informed, independent point-of-view on the evolving omnichannel landscape.” - VP of Shopper Strategy & Insights, PepsiCo

CRC’s Foodservice Council is a source for market intelligence on restaurants (chain and independent), contact management, foodservice distribution, convenience stores, and cash-and-carry retailers. Council members include manufacturers, distributors, and operators looking for strategic insights and actionable takeaways on how to capture growth opportunities.

Foodservice Council Membership

We can help you win with key customers, align resources with areas of greatest upside, and outpace the industry. We believe high-quality research directly leads to high-impact conclusions that can give you a competitive edge.

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We help answer questions & solve problems to make you smarter & more profitable.

Here is a list of real questions CRC has helped answer in the last 30 days from our virtual roundtables, industry benchmarks, consumer studies, and channel research. Most members say it’s both the big picture analysis AND the clear answers to the little questions that consistently gives them an edge, justifying the ROI, year after year.

Find the Pockets of Growth in Traditional Foodservice

  • What is the overall foodservice outlook for 2019 and beyond?
  • Which segments of the chain restaurant industry are poised to outperform, and why?
  • Why is traffic down across foodservice, and is it expected to remain pressured this year?
  • What are the key same-store sales drivers for chain restaurants?
  • What are quick-serve chains doing around value and innovation this year?

Align with Key Areas of Non-Traditional Growth

  • Which of the Big 3 contract management companies are poised to outperform this year?
  • How is the process of supplier contract integration at Aramark-Avendra going?
  • What do suppliers need to know about third-party restaurant delivery?
  • Where does cash-and-carry fit in the evolving foodservice environment?
  • Where are convenience stores investing to become more of a competitive foodservice destination?

Understand Cost Pressures on the Industry

  • What are some best practices for suppliers to manage higher freight costs and offset margin pressure?
  • What are distributors and restaurant operators doing to offset higher input costs, and how does that impact suppliers?
  • What are restaurant operators doing to help offset labor pressure from wage increases and staffing issues?

Have a Private Label Strategy

  • What strategies do the largest distributors have in place to grow private label sales this year?
  • How can manufacturer brand suppliers win in a private label focused environment in distribution?
  • How are suppliers going to market: direct sales force, brokers, or better engaging distributor sales reps?

Invest in eCommerce

  • How can manufacturers partner with distributors to facilitate digital/online sales growth?
  • How are manufacturers partner with distributors to facilitate digital/online sales growth?
  • How is Amazon disrupting the foodservice industry today, and what is the long-term impact?

Align with Distributor Promotional Strategies

  • What is the effectiveness of US Foods’ new promotion/program participation this year?
  • What is Sysco doing with market relevant pricing?
  • How is the online marketplace changing the narrative on price transparency for PFG?

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