CRC's eCommerce Council

"Cleveland Research Company makes us better business people. Period. The unbiased perspective and analysis is delivered regularly and timely in a very easy to digest format that is compelling for all levels in our organization. CRC is a partner that provides unlimited ROI." - Division Manager Walmart & eCommerce, Bush Brothers & Company

eCommerce, and particularly Amazon, is more dynamic than ever before and eCommerce professionals need help making smarter decisions at their fastest growing online accounts. Wondering if Amazon’s AVS program is a good investment, whether’s new digital activations have a good return on ad spend, or whether Home Depot is going to roll out new online packaging initiatives…we’re the resource that is at the leading edge of what’s happening, and importantly, what you should do in advance.

Who is Council Membership for?

Designed for VPs of eCommerce, Amazon account managers, and other key leaders on the eCommerce team at branded manufacturers that are looking for a trusted, objective resource they can rely on.

What other manufacturers are on the eCommerce Council?

We have over 140 different branded manufacturers across CPG, hardlines and softlines on our Council.  We are most proud of the fact that over 95% of companies renew their membership with us each year.  Reach out for more information on specific companies.

What do members receive?

Company-wide access to weekly reports focusing on answers to the most pertinent questions from brand manufacturers looking to grow their eCommerce and Amazon businesses faster and more profitably.

Ask your toughest questions and share your perspective with peers at non-competing categories in our curated roundtable sessions. We get the right people to the right meeting and add value through relevant agendas and expert moderation.

Five seats to CRC’s industry leading eCommerce Summit, specially designed for branded manufacturers featuring forward-thinking keynotes, application-based breakouts and plenty of networking opportunities.

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