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The combination of our industry expertise and unbiased independence delivers a compelling voice of the market to our business partners. Through our reports, events, webinars, and advisory services, we answer questions and solve problems to make you smarter and more profitable.

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Our timely and relevant market research helps our partners grow sales, save money, optimize investments, and strategically plan their business. CRC’s real-time reports and forecasts identify short-term inflections, long-term trends, and emerging opportunities.

Internal & external strategic discussions

Budgeting, forecasting, & benchmarking

Faster response to changing market conditions

Alignment across leadership, cross functional teams, & customers

CRC Membership Benefits

With a CRC council membership, we help you win with key customers, outpace the industry, and face your moment of truth with conviction.
We equip you with important industry inflections to help you stay ahead of the curve.
We help you prioritize key customer strategies to maximize your investments.
We add to your perspective on how shoppers are engaging with your customers.

CRC provides a clear picture of where the market is today and where it will be in the future.

Join one of our councils today and begin building more informed strategies for your team.

CRC Councils

CRC Councils are comprehensive sources for market intelligence in Home Improvement, Traditional Retail, eCommerce, and Foodservice industries. The depth and breadth of channel insights, data, and industry expertise reflects the decades of covering the industries in which we serve. CRC’s high-quality research directly leads to high-impact conclusions that can give you a competitive edge.

Membership includes access to weekly research reports, aggregated insight and data from the channel, real-time analyst engagement, seats at CRC events, and company-wide access to CRC webinars.

Traditional Retail Council

CRC has a broad range of intelligence and actionable insights on traditional brick & mortar retailers across mass, club, grocery, discount, drug, dollar, department, and specialty retail channels. Research coverage includes the largest retailers within each vertical highlighting business inflections, company-specific strategies, and market share fluctuations across the entire retail landscape.

eCommerce Council

CRC continues to expand the scope of eCommerce insights and capabilities given the increasing investments from all corners of the trade. In addition to a concentration on how to win with Amazon, the eCommerce Council identifies best practices from other pure-play eTailers along with omnichannel developments.

Home Improvement Council

CRC’s Home Improvement Council is a comprehensive source for market intelligence on homecenters (DIY and Pro), residential new construction, and building product categories. The depth and breadth of channel insights, data, and industry expertise reflects 20 years of covering the industry, and council members are well represented across every major department and category.

Foodservice Council

CRC’s Foodservice Council is a source for market intelligence on restaurants (chain and independent), contact management, foodservice distribution, convenience stores, and cash-and-carry retailers. Council members include manufacturers, distributors, and operators looking for strategic insights and actionable takeaways on how to capture growth opportunities.

Managed Markets Insights

The influence of the top PBMs and payers has grown significantly in recent years driven by industry consolidation, drug exclusions, and other formulary management strategies. This shift in market power has been evident in their ability to impact manufacturers’ market share and profitability. To develop strategy that is both aligned with the major PBMs and anticipatory of industry change, business leaders need information that is timely, forward-looking, and actionable.

Tech Council

CRC’s Tech Council offers dynamic forecasting based on real-time trends used by executives and investors. We help to accelerate the pace of decision making with intra-Q updates that identify inflections. We provide forward looking insights from network of suppliers, distributors, integrators, and customers. With nearly 50 years of combined industry experience across the team, our research covers companies totaling $1.5T in annual revenue.

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