Walks Like a Duck, Quacks Like a Duck… Is it a Retailer?

Russ Dieringer will open the Summit with a keynote address that tackles the big idea around how evolving consumer behavior is causing radical changes in the way in which manufacturers, retailers, advertising platforms, and media companies both work together and compete in the new retail ecosystem. Should Walmart start a streaming video platform, will brands need to create a “commerce marketing” department, and what do media companies and private label have to do with each other…Russ will connect the dots across these developments, and many more, and provide strategic recommendations for eCommerce leaders looking for guidance in an increasingly integrated retail ecosystem.

*Presentation slides will be distributed following the event.

Keynote Speaker

Russ Dieringer | Executive Director | Cleveland Research Company

Russ is the Executive Director of Cleveland Research’s eCommerce Council, responsible for research, events, and advisory projects. Russ has always had a passion for digging deep into different industries to help his clients uncover new areas of opportunity. Prior to his role with CRC, Russ worked as a senior analyst at Parkwood helping manage private market investments.

Russ holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from The College of Wooster, and a MS in Business Administration from Simon Business School at The University of Rochester. He is also a Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA) charterholder.

Russ currently resides in Brecksville with his wife and son.

Cleveland Research Company

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Cleveland, OH 44114