Predicting the Future of eCommerce Using the Global Marketplace as a Guide

Room: Harbor G

Retail and eCommerce continue to go through massive change, with 2018 seeing resurgence in same day delivery, online grocery and more. In the ever changing world, it can be hard to see the future. Or is it? The UK indexes highest worldwide in same day delivery/pickup. Germany has the highest per capita Amazon Penetration. China has the deepest mobile commerce ecosystem. Even Seattle, or Chicago have amazing Brick and Mortar innovation that we all can learn from. For the cost of a plane ticket we can see and better plan for the future of eCommerce. During this session, attendees will learn:

  • Which markets are innovating in which key areas and how to bring that innovation back to the US?
  • Who are the major players taking advantage of this innovation?
  • How to partner to win in those local environments


Eric Heller | Founder | Marketplace Ignition

Eric Heller joined Amazon in 1999, and founded what became the largest strategy consultancy for brands and sellers working with online marketplaces before acquisition in 2017 by WPP. His company has helped more than 400 brands manage their Amazon/Marketplace presence and they are now part of Wunderman Commerce, a group of more than 900 experts worldwide driving more than €7.4 billion worth of revenue annually.

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