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Thank you for participating in the Salsify webinar. Unfortunately this report is no longer available to download.

Report Synopsis: While Amazon has been in business since the mid-90’s the retail industry is only in the first inning of what will be a dramatic change in how technology enables consumers to research and purchase products.  Brands that will be relevant just three years from now will be the ones that put eCommerce at the core of their strategy.  While there are a million details and tactics to consider in such a strategy, at the core of it all resides the team that is responsible for developing and executing an eCommerce strategy that is both fast growing and profitable.

To help brands develop the right eCommerce team, we interviewed leading suppliers, hosted eCommerce roundtables, and executed a benchmark of 140+ companies.  The following report lays out the best practices we discovered in addition to giving brands directional guidance on key issues like team size, reporting structure, what functions they outsource, and how teams are working together.

All data has limitations and eCommerce team research is particularly vulnerable to broad-sweeping conclusions.  However, eCommerce professionals can use the data in this report to build conviction in their current organizational structure and future strategic plans or offer support for course correcting onto a better path that will enable the organization to take the next step towards a faster growing, more consumer-relevant future.

In addition, we recommend sharing this report with your board of directors, senior leadership, and retail and digital advertising teams to help educate them on best practices for investing in internal resources while also leveraging external companies to help execute strategies that are core to an effective eCommerce foundation.

This report is no longer available to download. 

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