Creating a Lean, Mean Data Team

Room: Harbor I

Ready for your organization to become data-driven, but not sure how to get started? At Reviewbox, we’ve helped multiple brands start their data journey and would like to share some key lessons. During this critical session:

  • What data is currently available to Amazon brands and how to obtain this data
  • What you can do with this data to begin addressing KPIs
  • How to recruit and structure your data science team to begin addressing key questions

*Presentation slides will be distributed following the event.


Jim Horey | Founder & CEO | ReviewBox

Jim is the founder and CEO of Reviewbox, a software company that helps brands monitor their product reviews, pricing information, and more from Amazon and other major retailers. Before starting Reviewbox, he helped form and lead multiple data analytics teams at Cirrus Insight and Oak Ridge National Lab. He is a self-avowed data geek and enjoys running long-distance races.

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