Building a Sustainably Profitable eCommerce Model

Room: Harbor H

The eCommerce landscape is made up of shifting components including marketplaces, advertising, technologies, payment, devices, delivery and more. Three of the forces driving the shifts are consumer needs for engagement, brand needs for options, and also product needs for profitability. Products have needs, too, and eCommerce is rewarding those products that are ready and hurting ones that are forced through models that don’t work. Speaker Raj Sapru, Director of Strategy at NetRush, will focus on exploring product needs as the key to making strategic sense of the landscape and using profitability as the organizing principle for shaping a realistic eCommerce road map.


Raj Sapru | Director of Digital Strategy | Netrush

Raj Sapru leads corporate planning, business development, and advisory services at Netrush. As Director of Strategy, Raj brings a consulting background to his role, having worked with Fortune 500 companies on business strategies. Positioned at the intersection of retail, the supply chain, and eCommerce, Raj plays a critical role in supporting the long-term focus and processes that make Netrush the pre-eminent, forward-thinking agency for brands on Amazon.

Pinky Gonzales | Head of Marketing | Netrush

Pinky Gonzales is the head of marketing at Netrush, where he oversees campaign strategy & execution for more than 50 passion brands. Prior to joining Netrush in 2018, Gonzales was an award-winning professor at Belmont University and cofounder of echomusic, a digital services agency acquired by Ticketmaster. Past clients include Anheuser Busch, Hershey, Clorox, Qualcomm and dozens of world-recognized entertainers including Beyonce, Kanye West, Keith Urban, Kelly Clarkson, Robert Plant and many more.

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