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Synopsis: Each year CRC surveys 100+ manufacturers on their business to better understand trends around eCommerce performance. We recommend sharing this report with your eCommerce and Amazon teams, as well as the broader organization, as the findings in this report will help you to benchmark your business against your peers as well as understand trends in other categories.

Key learnings found in this report:

  • On average, suppliers are expecting their eCommerce business to grow over 46% in 2019 compared to 44% in ‘18.
  • 97% of polled vendors are selling on Amazon, with the eTailer representing nearly 50% of the eCommerce sales mix for brands in 2018. Amazon remains (by a wide margin) the largest dollar growth opportunity for brands in 2019 according to the benchmark.
  • Half of the polled suppliers expect Amazon to be less profitable relative to other retail customers in 2019, as it is getting more expensive due to increasing asks, supply chain initiatives like SIOC, and the need for increased marketing spend.
  • Amazon Business seems to be the most popular and the fastest growing program for brands, as 50% report participating in it, seeing growth of nearly 58% in 2018 vs. 2017. Pantry saw the most disappointing performance in ’18, with average growth of only 2.1%.
  • Brands continue to expect CRaP items to impact their portfolios – approximately 29% of brands expect more of their portfolio to be negatively impacted in ’19 compared to last year.

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