Autonomous Commerce: Removing Friction for Your Consumers and Driving Sales for Your eCommerce Business

Room: Harbor I

At its essence, eCommerce exists to make the purchasing experience more seamless for the consumer. This has led to both startups and large retailers creating subscription and auto-replenishment offerings. Adoption of auto-replenishment, as well as the technology behind it, likely only advances in the future as consumers look to automate more of their regular purchases. Megan Harbold from The Mars Agency will share perspective on what auto-replenishment will look like in the near future, and Scott Erickson from 3M will share how his company brought auto-replenishment to life on the Amazon platform, including how it identified the opportunity, got set up with Amazon, and the key learnings they’ve taken away.


Megan Harbold | VP of eCommerce | The Mars Agency

Megan Harbold oversees strategy and execution for clients at major eCommerce retailer accounts including Amazon, and emerging platforms. She leads a team of strategists, marketing specialists and business management experts responsible for creating and executing best-in-class solutions to create positive impact for our CPG clients.

Joining us in 2017, Megan brings over ten years of experience in eCommerce and digital marketing practices. Reaching from consulting and strategy development, to planning and full business management she has lead teams in support of large eCommerce businesses for major CPG companies, most recently Hershey’s. Her background enables expertise across sales, marketing, finance and supply chain functions and leading teams to becoming experts in this fast-paced every changing world of eCommerce.

Megan has a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design and an MBA with a concentration in Marketing from York College of Pennsylvania. Megan loves watching and discussing movies, reading and doing puzzles. She is officially a Sudoku expert!

Scott Erickson | Amazon Key Account Manager | 3M

Scott leads 3M’s relationship at Amazon for their Construction and Home Improvement Markets business unit, which includes the iconic Filtrete™, ScotchBlue™, and Command™ brands. Over his 20+ year career he has held a wide variety of CBG and B2B Marketing and Sales roles at 3M, Cargill and Land O’Lakes along with Sports Marketing roles with the Minnesota North Stars and Minnesota Twins. Scott has an MBA from the University of St Thomas in St. Paul, and BA in Marketing and Economics from the University of Minnesota.


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