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Amazon Shortages & Chargebacks: supplier tips and tricks for managing these fines

Amazon Shortages & Chargebacks: Suppliers tips & tricks for managing these fines

93% of brands receive supply chain-related chargebacks from Amazon In our benchmarking data we found that nearly all brands receive supply chain-related chargebacks from Amazon, and 90% report receiving shortage deductions that are believed to be incorrect. Benchmarking data from... Read More

Amazon Inventory

Holiday 2021: Supply Chain Pressures, Rising Demand and Price Increases

Our recent Consumer Holiday Pulse Survey showed 43% of consumers have already started holiday shopping. A net 57% of those shoppers reported that they started earlier this year vs. last, largely due to supply chain concerns. Most brands are experiencing... Read More

eCommerce Brand Implications

eCommerce Brand Implications: Macro, Consumer, and Retail

Today’s macroeconomic environment is causing significant change throughout retail. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused labor, transportation, and raw material shortages, ultimately resulting in short supply and delayed deliveries to retail customers. Source: CRC Macroeconomic Webinar, 07/21/2021, n = 305 Consumer... Read More

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