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Amazon Reaches 3Q Revenue; Wayfair Growth Rate; Commerce Marketing Funding

Last week, Amazon reported its total revenue grew 37% in 3Q, reaching $96B (vs. $89B in the previous quarter), with North American revenue decelerating slightly to 39% Y/Y (vs. 43% in Q2). Overall, however, Amazon’s 3Q20 results suggest consumers demonstrated an elevated... Read More

Etsy Reports Strong 1Q GMS Growth and 2Q Guidance as April GMS up 130% Y/Y

Cautious Consumers; Etsy Up 130%; Amazon Growth

Consumers Likely to Wait to Return to Normal ActivitiesIn our most recent consumer study, we found that while a majority of respondents expect the COVID-19 crisis to subside by the end of July, they are likely to wait longer to... Read More

Reuters is reporting that Amazon is considering opening B&M stores in Germany

eTailer Feature Improvements, Amazon Europe B&M, Social Commerce

In an effort to better compete with Amazon’s leading marketplace, several pure play eTailers have recently highlighted new features on their marketplaces in an effort to drive improved conversion and improve the customer experience. Many of these match existing offerings... Read More

Online Home Improvement, Etsy Free Shipping, Amazon Hires

Amazon Continues to Lead Online Home Improvement Category Our research indicates online Home Improvement sales have seen strong growth recently. In partnering with Stackline on this report, its digital shelf data indicates Amazon is seeing the fastest growth in the... Read More

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