Product Launches on Amazon, Investing in Influencers, Prime Day 2019

By Cleveland Admin

Born to Run Aids New Product Launches
Amazon’s product launch program called Born to Run continues to be highlighted as a positive program amongst our council members. While Amazon does retain the right to return unsold inventory, most manufacturers are able to accurately predict the right amount that can sell through within 10-weeks, thereby mitigating this risk. Outside of having a 3P account to backstop inventory, this seems to be one of the best levers for ensuring there is enough inventory on new products at launch. One key thing to keep in mind with the program is to ensure you utilize all of the AMS committed to that time period as Amazon often times has the right to keep these funds even if not utilized during the launch period.


Unilever Investing in Influencer Management Company CreatorIQ
With Influencer marketing growing increasingly important for brands, the WSJ is reporting that Unilever recently invested $12 million dollars in CreatorIQ, an influencer management company. Unilever saw an opportunity with CreatorIQ to help it find influencers, manage their work, and measure results, all of which has become increasingly important as influencers sit at the intersection of media and advertising with devoted followings.

Source: CRC Amazon Webinar, May 29, 2019. n=84

Survey Respondents Leaning IN to Prime Day
A net 8% of vendors indicated that they would be more engaged with Prime Day in 2019 vs last year, with recent rumors suggesting Prime Day will start on July 15th.

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