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CRC has a broad range of intelligence and actionable insights on eCommerce and Omnichannel retailers across eCommerce, Mass, Club, Grocery, Drug, Dollar, and Specialty Retail channels. Research coverage includes the largest retailers within each vertical highlighting how suppliers can receive the best return on their retailer investments, avoid overspending on investment opportunities, and forecast their business.

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Here is a list of real questions CRC has helped answer from our virtual roundtables, industry benchmarks, consumer studies, and channel research.   Most members say it’s both the big picture analysis AND the clear answers to the little questions that consistently gives them an edge,  justifying the ROI, year after year.

  • What Amazon programs like Pantry, Subscribe and Save, and Business are brands adopting and which ones are seeing the fastest/slowest growth?
  • Should brands invest in Amazon’s New Amazon Vendor Services (AVS) program?
  • What are brands experiencing during Amazon’s annual negotiation process and what does Amazon seem most focused on?
  • What is the growth outlook for eCommerce in 2020 and 2021 – which retailers are growing the fastest and why? What does that mean for brands’ investment focus in those years?
  • How much should brands increase their advertising spend in 2020 and what ad units provide the greatest ROI?
  • How is Amazon evolving, as the eTailer drives brands to either the 1P or 3P platforms and how will this evolve over the next few years. How should brands be thinking about implementing their hybrid (1P/3P) models?
  • What accounts beyond Amazon offer the longest growth potential?
  • How should brands be structuring their eCommerce teams and how should they be thinking about their omnichannel investments?
  • Is Amazon expected to be more or less profitable for brands’ businesses in 2020? Should brands expect growth on the account to accelerate or decelerate in 2020?
  • Should brands be testing the commerce marketing options available on Walmart, Home Depot, and other omnichannel accounts?
  • How can suppliers best optimize their brick & mortar retail business in the current environment, and find new avenues for growth?
  • What is a realistic growth rate for brick & mortar retail in 2019 and beyond? Which retailers are set to outpace and which are set to underperform these growth rates?
  • Which retail accounts/channels should we be prioritizing and investing in? Which emerging channels should suppliers be watching?
  • Where do the biggest square footage opportunities exist in the current US retail market?
  • How so we strategically think about resource allocation over the next 2-3 years within our retail team?
  • How are brands managing Amazon’s SIOC requirements?
  • What is the overlap between the and shoppers and what does this mean for brands’ channel strategy?
  • How are brands thinking about competing with Amazon’s private label brands?
  • What are the updates on the rate of Amazon Go expansion in 2020 since the volume is fulfilled via Amazon Fresh and/or SpartanNash?
  • Are brands currently fulfilling Fresh/Prime Now orders though SpartanNash and if so, how are brands determining the volume to Amazon vs. other accounts through that platform?
  • Are manufacturers having success gaining distribution in Amazon Go stores?
  • Are brands working with brokers to interface with the Amazon Grocery team and do these new partnerships suggest manufacturers should make major investments into AmazonFresh in 2020?
  • How are brands viewing the potential integration of Whole Foods as it becomes more synonymous with Prime Now in terms of account responsibilities, supply chain, etc.?
  • Have brands seen incremental sales as a result of participating in marketing programs on AmazonFresh/Prime Now?
  • Are brands experiencing challenges in aligning contracts with SpartanNash and Amazon?
  • Have brands found the SPIN reports available from SpartanNash and Amazon accurate?
  • What are the current initiatives most pertinent to suppliers at each retail customer (Walmart, Target, Costco, Sam’s Club, CVS, Walgreens, Kroger, Dollar General, Dollar Tree, etc) and how are other suppliers navigating those?
  • What are some best practices in successfully navigating requests for increased margin support/trade funding and tighter inventory management?
  • How are the best retailers approaching omni-channel, and how can suppliers partner to capture growth?
  • What is the outlook for private label in the US market (maximum penetration) and do consumer insights support the repositioning of existing brands or creating new brands? How do branded players compete and how to private label suppliers capitalize on this growth?

CRC members outperforming the competition on Amazon

Source: CRC data

Estimated growth rate for, 2019 vs. 2018, CPG companies

Approximately 50% of our eCommerce Council is comprised of CPG companies. Our benchmark highlights faster growth rates for them on programs like Subscribe & Save and Amazon Business, and we are also helping them on accounts outside of Amazon, such as

Source: CRC data

CRC members outperforming the competition on

Source: CRC data

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