2022 eCommerce Summit Recap

See below for CRC’s presentation decks and audio replays, and please reach out to Nick Fischietto if you’d like to learn more about our eCommerce insights.

Welcome & State of the Industry

CRC’s Nick Fischietto sets the stage for the day-long Summit with this kickoff presentation. During his presentation, he shares CRC’s high-level perspective and outlook on the state of the economy, consumer health, retailer top priorities, and eCommerce trends. Given consumers are increasingly utilizing digital assets for all purchases, the stakes continued to be raised when it comes to brands properly prioritizing and investing in digital fundamentals.

Nick also discusses how brands are investing in key digital fundamentals such as assortment, supply chain, and awareness as well as how org structures play a key role in executing each of these core eCommerce elements. The session covers and reviews topics presented more detail across breakout sessions throughout the rest of the Summit.

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Insights on How the Gen Zer, the Younger Millennial, the Geriatric Millennial, and the Xennial are Approaching Online Shopping

How are cusp generations utilizing an omnichannel mindset throughout their purchase journeys? In this session Ginny Tredway, CRC’s Executive Director of Advisory and Consumer, will do a deep dive on generational behaviors to highlight areas of focus for Young Millennials, Geriatric Millennials, and Xennials, giving insight into where and how to target these key consumers in their prime earning and spending years.

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Macroeconomic Overview & Outlook

Elevated inflation, a volatile stock market and declining consumer spending are pointing to a higher risk of a U.S. recession by 2023. How is consumer behavior changing? Which end-market could be more resilient? What are the implications on the labor market, supply chain, and inflation outlook? Skylar Xie, Director of CRC’s Macro Research, unpacks the U.S. economic trends year-to-date, shares potential outcomes related to an economy that is losing steam and identify potential key issues for the rest of 2022 and 2023. Skylar tees up the remainder of the conference by providing a big-picture view of the macro landscape for senior leaders.

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Freight + Supply Chain Forecasts Into 2023

Chris Johnson, Senior Analyst for CRC’s Transportation Research, dives into how macroeconomic factors are playing out in the transportation market specifically, providing key strategies suppliers can leverage to best manage through this dynamic market heading into 2023. Chris tees up the remainder of the conference by providing a big-picture view of the transportation landscape for senior leaders.

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How Does a Successful Home Depot and Lowe’s eCommerce Strategy Differ From Amazon?

How can home improvement vendors best navigate Amazon, Home Depot and Lowe’s online retail landscapes while capitalizing on consumer engagement in the channel? Join Claire Obertin, a Market Research Associate on CRC’s Home Improvement Council, as she discusses the changes in the home improvement eCommerce landscape over the last two years, best practices and points of differentiation in working with these three retailers, and how to position your company to best understand and benefit from consumer’s online shopping behavior.

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