March 12, 2019

Latest Research: PO Disruption, One Vendor, SIOC & More

The biggest development this month has been the huge number of vendors that saw their purchase orders get turned off last week. This continues to be a developing situation and we’ve included our insights from speaking to brands throughout the week, additional developments around One Vendor we’ve heard over the last 30 days, and, in the appendix, the survey results from the benchmark we published last week. In addition, this report includes insights around SIOC along with the latest feedback on programs like AVS. We recommend sharing this report with your Amazon and broader eCommerce teams.

Update on Purchase Order Disruption

To follow up our benchmark study last week, we reached out to additional council members this week to see how the situation has evolved. Similar to last week, brands are having different experiences but commonalities are emerging:

  • The most common situation appears to be brands receiving emails from Amazon recommending they register themselves as the brand owner in Brand Registry and that orders have been re-instated. In some cases, these …

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