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Frustration-Free Packaging and Price Increases at Amazon; Brands Compete for Search

By Cleveland Admin


Amazon recently launched an incentive program for vendors in regards to the pre-existing Frustration-Free Packaging program which includes incentives for both sortable and non-sortable ASINs. Vendors will receive incentives for units shipped between October 1, 2021 and December 31, 2022. On the site, manufacturers are able to calculate their estimated incentive. There has been an increased focus by Amazon around brands’ participation in sustainable supply chain programs and an announcement like this demonstrates the need for branded manufacturers to understand what operational, supply chain and packaging capabilities are necessary to win with the eCommerce shopper and retailers alike. 


Search Trends:
Those in the eCommerce space know the importance of search, with most shopper journeys starting with a basic keyword search.  Stackline, a CRC Thought Leader Partner, recently launched a free tool for the branded manufacturer community which provides real-time search volume and ranking data for your brand vs. other players in order to enable data-driven decisions.

Price Increase on Amazon:
Last week we hosted a LiveCast which included live polling questions. When polled on price increases to Amazon, we found that 79% of brands have implemented a wholesale price increase to Amazon or plan to this year, with 33% of respondents currently working to increase price on the platform.

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