A Career-Defining Internship… But Make It Virtual?

By Cleveland Admin

Ah the junior year summer internship. Pivotal in many collegiate journeys, yet it’s also the first thing to get cancelled in a world-wide pandemic (understandably so).

That’s exactly how my spring semester at Zoom University (Miami Univeristy) was coming to an end… with a cancelled internship. Instead of wallowing in despair over now worthless hours of career fair prep or the loss of a potentially critical life-defining experience, I sat myself at my computer and did what every now unemployed college student would do– I went on 

Looking for a summer internship during a seemingly impending apocalypse is no easy feat. Luckily, when you find the right company, things can quickly fall into place. That’s exactly what happened to me at Cleveland Research Company. 

After filling out an online application and attempting to woo the recruiting team of Sherry, Kate, and Margarita, I finally landed a spot and an internship in the Equity Research Department. What followed was a summer filled with so much great material to absorb, amazing mentors, a once-in-a-lifetime project for a NYC hedge fund, and relationships that will last me far beyond the (too short) 12-week internship. I learned more about companies and stocks than anyone could from passively browsing online. I was able to add real value to my team and fellow interns by doing channel work and talking to experts in their respective fields.

This summer I learned the power of a conversation and how the most important thing to be in the workforce is helpful– although seemingly simple concepts, very few individuals come to understand them. And the best part was that this all occurred virtually! The fact that I walked away from this summer feeling like I had such a well-rounded experience all through phone calls and Zoom speaks to the robust culture of Cleveland Research Company and how they truly care about their employees.

I share this story to give future Cleveland Research Company interns a sneak peek into what experiences CRC can provide, but also to share that persistence and good intentions will get you much further in life than waiting around. A better opportunity is always just around the corner… it’s just up to you to reach out and grab it!

Sidney Hutson is a rising senior at Miami University majoring in Business Economics. She was an equity research intern at Cleveland Research Company during the summer of 2020. Sidney enjoys yoga, and trying new kinds of soup, her favorite food.

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