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“I find the value in organized and summarized delivery of news and results. It helps to prepare for meetings like the upcoming national meetings with Costco to anticipate where their hot spots might be.” - Director of Sales, Clif Bar & Company

CRC has a broad range of intelligence and actionable insights on traditional brick & mortar retailers across mass, club, grocery, discount, drug, dollar, department store, and specialty retail channels. Research coverage includes the largest retailers within each vertical highlighting business inflections, company-specific strategies, and market share fluctuations across the entire retail landscape.

Traditional Retail Council Membership

We can help you win with key customers, align resources with areas of greatest upside, and outpace the industry. We believe high-quality research directly leads to high-impact conclusions that can give you a competitive edge.

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With a Cleveland Research membership, company-wide access to our research, with year-round support from our research teams. The market is changing all of the time, you can ensure you stay aware and ahead of the changes, and key inflection points, to maximize your gains.

Broad Channel Network

  • Our team interacts regularly with a broad network of experts across end-markets & categories.
  • We identify and share best practices highlighting what’s working across channels.
  • We equip you with important industry inflections to help you stay ahead of the curve.

Relationship with Retail Executives

  • Our financial analysis experience offers us unique relationships with Senior Management teams that give us a clear understanding of key strategic initiatives.
  • With that access, our work uncovers opportunities and risks within your key retailer strategies.
  • We help you prioritize key customer strategies to maximize your investments.

Shopper Insights & Surveys

  • Shopper surveys complement our research with data points to round out the full story on a particular theme, retailer, or channel.
  • Understand how shopper preferences are changing and how these changes impact your product category.
  • We add to your perspective on how shoppers are engaging with your customers.

Cross-Sharing & Benchmarking

  • Our quarterly surveys give our partners unique data points that help benchmark your performance against other council members who are also your peers
  • Regional roundtables facilitated by CRC provide an opportunity to discuss challenges and share best practices with peers in non-competing categories.
  • Join our network & begin building more informed strategies for your team.

Traditional Retail Council Reports

CRC’s custom reports provide insight into the current brick & mortar retail environment including helpful actionable conclusions that can be used immediately to clarify and strengthen your business across the mass, club, dollar, drug, grocery, and specialty retail channels. Members will have access to over 250 reports including industry overviews, customer updates, consumer surveys, and channel outlooks distributed to your inbox each week.

Most Downloaded TRC Member Reports

Traditional Retail: 2018 Year in Photos

Impact of Tariffs & Price Increases and What to Expect in 2019

2019 & 2020 Growth Forecasts by Channel

RETAIL: More Price Increases Announced & Implemented in 3Q, Retailers Stepping Up Fees/Fines

MASS: Supplier Benchmark Surveys: Team Structure Changes & Private Label Penetration

Traditional Retail Council Events & Webinars

Target Forum
March 12, 2019 | Minneapolis, MN
CRC reviews the takeaways from recent meetings with Target’s senior management team, provide forward-looking forecasts and a longer term outlook on how suppliers can win with Target. This event is best positioned for Target team leads, NAMs, category managers, and others calling on Target, as well as members of other retail teams that have interest in, compete with, or are looking to sell into Target.

Walmart Forum
October 17, 2019 | Bentonville, AR
Fresh on the heels of CRC’s participation at Walmart’s investor meeting, we share the key takeaways from Walmart’s management team and our perspective on how to strategically position your business to respond to the company’s forward-looking strategies and initiatives for each of Walmart’s business units including US, Sam’s Club, International, and eCommerce. The goal of the Forum is to answer your strategic and tactical questions that will better equip your Walmart team across all functions. Members receive five seats to CRC’s Traditional Retail Forums.

We host webinars to share key changes and emerging themes in the industry with practical implications to help partners with tactical and strategic planning. Members receive unlimited registrations to CRC webinars.

Traditional Retail Council Roundtables

Aimed at sharing best practices across the industry, we facilitate small group roundtable discussions with industry experts to navigate challenges and identify best practices.

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