Holidays 2021: Who's on your list?

To supplement learnings from CRC's latest Thought Leader webinar, we invite you to download Harvest Group & KPM 84.51's latest whitepaper - Holidays 2021: Who's on your list? Why the hybrid shopper is here to stay. Inside you’ll find detailed insights on the hybrid shopper and their digital shopping motivators.

CRC’s Thought Leader partner, Harvest Group, is a trusted omni-channel partner for CPG brands looking to grow their business both in-store and digitally at Walmart, Sam’s Club, Kroger and now Target. With the industry currently split into traditional brick and mortar brokerages and eCommerce-only tech companies, they are proud to provide a rare omni-channel solution for companies at all life stages.

Holidays 2021: Who’s on your list? Why the hybrid shopper is here to stay.

Before 2020, the biggest hurdle to eCommerce was convincing grocery shoppers to try pickup or delivery for the first time. Now that it’s in their toolkit they will continue to integrate eCommerce to some degree into their routine — particularly during the busy holiday season. This creates significant opportunities for brands that are quick to recognize omni-channel shopping as the “next normal.”

Now, as restrictions lift and optimism grows, a second disruption has emerged in the form of a new kind of shopper: the hybrid shopper. Who is this shopper? What drives their shopping habits? Enter your information below to download Harvest Group’s & KPM/84.51’s guide to Holiday 2021: Why the hybrid shopper is here to stay.

Digitally engaged shopper habits

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