2020 Virtual eCommerce Summit

The eCommerce Summit is going digital! Because of the challenges we are all facing due to COVID-19, we have decided to bring you a Virtual Summit Week with the same great content you have come to expect from our annual eCommerce Summit.

CRC’s 2020 eCommerce Summit Week will take place over the course of five days beginning Monday, October 12 through Friday, October 16.  We have so many great sessions planned, we added a day!  This year’s virtual format means that you can attend every session you are interested in from wherever you are most comfortable.

Our agenda is chock-full of insightful presentations led by CRC’s analysts, peers at branded manufacturers, and industry thought leaders that will help you optimize your business for success in 2021.  Read on to learn more about the Summit and the great sessions we have planned.

There are three ways you can access CRC’s 2020 Virtual eCommerce Summit:

COMPLIMENTARY ACCESS:  Complete event access for full eCommerce Council members only.

$995: Complete event access for LITE & non-members.

$0: Free access to select sessions as shown on the registration page

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Seize 2021

COVID-19 has led to an unprecedented shift to eCommerce and has implications not only for the remainder of 2020 but more importantly, into 2021.  Designed with this in mind, CRC’s eCommerce Summit Week is chock-full of insights and strategies to help you seize 2021.

Explore a small sampling of topics we will cover below and scroll down for the full agenda


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2020 Virtual eCommerce Summit Sessions

The eCommerce Professional’s Guide to 2021: Consumer Insights, Organizational Investments, Retailers’ Initiatives & the Implications for 2021

Russ Dieringer, Executive Director, eCommerce Council
Cleveland Research Company

Monday, October 12, 11:00 AM – 11:45 AM ET

The pandemic generated structural shifts in how consumers think about their daily life. Retail certainly changed as shoppers were, in some cases, forced into using online platforms for the first time, and those already shopping online shifted even more of their purchasing to digital outlets. These behavior changes led to enormous growth for not just Amazon, but the digital platforms of its rivals across mass and specialty retail. Questions abound though, including how will eCommerce leaders drive growth in 2021 considering the triple-digit increases many are seeing this year. Are consumers happy doing so much shopping online? Which retailers are best positioned to help manufacturers achieve that growth and what capabilities should be put in place today to help support the future?

Russ Dieringer, Executive Director of CRC’s eCommerce Council, will combine CRC’s latest research on consumer behavior, organizational design and retailer-specific initiatives to deliver a presentation that identifies the best growth prospects for next year, outlines industry pressures that need to be incorporated into 2021 planning, and highlights key best practices Member companies are implementing.

This session is designed to set the stage for the remainder of the conference and will have applicable takeaways for senior leaders, those leading the eCommerce and omnichannel efforts in their organizations, and their teammates helping support the business across a range of different categories. We highly recommend joining this session live to get the full benefit from live polling that will take place and we encourage at least one member of the senior leadership in your organization to attend as educating those at the top has never been more important.

What Senior Leaders Need to Know to Properly Support their Organizations for Success on Amazon in 2021

Darcy Meier, Director, eCommerce Category & Customer Development
Newell Brands

October 12, 1:00 PM – 1:45 PM ET

Amazon represents one of the largest and fastest growing opportunities within retail. To make it work, companies need to have a clear understanding of how the platform operates and what key capabilities are needed. Yet, too often, eCommerce teams are never able to quite break through to senior leadership levels on what is truly needed to capture the full opportunity, limiting critical investment and support.

In this session, Darcy Meier, Director of eCommerce Category and Customer Development at Newell Brands, will deliver a presentation aimed at senior leadership teams within consumer brands that want to better understand the opportunity on Amazon and what they need to do to properly support their organization.

We recommend both eCommerce leaders and at least one member of their senior leadership team attend the presentation and then discuss the key findings afterward to help apply what was learned to their particular company.

Can a traditional consumer brand really go direct to consumer?

Michael Lagoni, Founder & CEO

October 12, 2:30 PM – 3:15 PM ET

A direct relationship with the consumer is the envy of most brands that are accustomed to doing business through retailer channels. However, with the advent of new technology platforms to create shoppable sites, advertising channels to target specific consumers, and shoppers that are actively seeking out information from your website, there has never been a better time to begin building a direct relationship with the consumer. In this session, Michael Lagoni, Founder & CEO of Stackline will share his perspective on the opportunity within DTC, key metrics that leading brands focus on, why improving conversion often becomes the singular focus, and how to do DTC without rankling your existing customers. This session is ideal for eCommerce leaders, brand managers, and senior executives within consumer brands that are interested in learning more about creating a compelling DTC offering.

Take Control of Your Brand on Amazon by Proactively Managing Your Catalog

Kirsten Anderson, Senior Director, eCommerce Channel & Strategy

October 12, 4:00 PM – 4:45 PM

Kirsten Anderson from Luxottica, maker of sunglass brands like Ray-Ban and Oakley, will lead attendees through a clear and impactful presentation on how she has helped gain back brand control in a world of marketplaces. For brands that have robust 3P marketplaces on Amazon, managing the catalog can be a herculean task. Kirsten found that Luxottica’s catalog was a fragmented mess – splitting traffic and conversions in a way that was killing organic search. Working with her Amazon counterparts, Kirsten and her team have implemented a variety of tools including GTIN authority, brand authority, auto-variation, MAP policies, and gating techniques to clean up the catalog and take control of their brand. This will be a very unique take on brand control techniques that brands can employ immediately.

Leading Edge Practices for Product Detail Page Content

Scott Erickson, US Amazon Key Account Manager

October 13, 11:00 AM – 11:45 AM ET

Investing in AMS or AMG to drive Amazon consumers to poor or out of date content is a waste of resources. This breakout, led by Scott Erickson from 3M, will showcase the latest best practices in product detail page content on Amazon and answer key questions such as:

• How to use your main image and how should you organize your image tree
• How to create a content update calendar
• Is the message you want to be seen actually being seen

New Strategies for Channel Management as Omnichannel Clashes with Pure Play

Mark Stamps, VP Digital Commerce
Harvest Group

October 13, 1:00 PM – 1:45 PM ET

Retailers are luring consumers with the same promises of assortment, price, speed, and convenience. This is leaving brands burdened with finding new ways to manage retailer conflicts and confused with how to best allocate their trade and marketing dollars that won’t cause retail erosion and profit loss.

In this session, Mark Stamps, VP of Digital Commerce at Harvest Group will host a small, diverse panel of industry experts and branded CPG manufacturers to ask the hard questions about how to manage the growing channel conflicts between Omnichannel and Pure Play retailers. We will also ask the panelists to provide strategies and real-life examples of planning annual budgets, assortment discipline, commerce marketing investments, and resource allocation in this conflicting retail environment.

This session will be particularly good for senior leaders inside of consumer brands doing business in mass and grocery omnichannel accounts.

To Win at Commerce Marketing, You Need to Think Beyond Advertising

Nich Weinheimer, General Manager, eCommerce
Megan Harbold, VP Global Strategic Consulting

October 13, 2:30 PM – 3:15 PM ET

Amazon paved the way in offering brand manufacturers opportunities to re-invent their relationships with consumers through transparent Digital Shopper Marketing. But now, with nearly every other retailer following suit, the opportunities – and challenges – associated with this new paradigm are only beginning to surface. Join Nich Weinheimer, General Manager of eCommerce at Kenshoo, and Megan Harbold, VP of Global Strategic Consulting, as they share real-world case studies from leading brands on how the rise of digital shopper marketing is:

• Making brand manufacturers reconsider their organizational structures
• Causing brands to rethink the KPI’s they use and the data sets they need in order to maximize the opportunity
• Creating new opportunities for growth as we enter 2021

This session will be focused towards leaders in eCommerce and digital marketing roles, in addition to senior leadership teams at consumer brands looking to understand how commerce marketing is reshaping their retail and consumer relationships.

The Science Behind Winning on Global eCommerce: Using Data & Design in Developing New Products, Beating Competitors, and Driving Demand

David Wright, Co-Founder & CEO
Beau Oyler, Founder & CEO
Enlisted Design

October 13, 4:00 PM – 4:45 PM ET

What do data science and design thinking have to do with dominating global ecommerce? In short, everything. Hear how the science of ecommerce has evolved by marrying deep data and insights with industry-leading design. Before founding Pattern, CEO Dave Wright spent most of his career in data science. He’ll be joined in this session by Beau Oyler, CEO of Enlisted Design, who designs cohesive brands, products and packaging for brands such as Ford, Samsung, Nestlé, Arlo, Stance, and Allbirds—and was recently named runner up to Nike in Fast Company’s 2019 Design Company of the Year award. They’ll discuss how the yin-yang of data science and design thinking are revolutionizing the way brands approach (and win!) everything from new product launches to SEO to algorithmic advertising across D2C, Amazon, Alibaba, Walmart.com and more.

Opportunities on Amazon Fresh in 2021

Dave Juron, Long-time Industry Expert on Amazon Fresh

October 14, 11:00 AM – 11:45 AM ET

As more consumers have moved online to buy groceries, Amazon Fresh has stood out as a clear beneficiary, delivering some of the highest performance scores in our research. However, the rise of Instacart, Walmart, Target, Kroger, and others presents Amazon Fresh with a new level of competition it must contend with. Dave Juron, a long-time industry expert on Amazon Fresh, will lead this session designed to help branded manufacturers in the grocery category better understand the key opportunities on Fresh in the upcoming year and highlight strategies he sees working to grow faster than the competition. This session will be ideal for those leading the Amazon Fresh account inside their organizations and their colleagues interested in understanding a key component of Amazon’s grocery strategy.

Panel Discussion: The organizational impact as marketing and sales blur in an omnichannel world

Katie McClammer, Senior Marketing Manager
Todd Hassenfelt, Director of eCommerce
Simple Mills
Russ Dieringer, Executive Director, eCommerce Council
Cleveland Research Company

October 14, 1:00 PM – 1:45 PM ET

Following in the footsteps of Amazon’s multi-billion ad business, Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Kroger, Instacart and more are in varying stages of creating both search and media offerings that brands need to consider to protect their in-store business, grow their online business, and better optimize their marketing spend. Yet, who should manage these platforms and how should they be funded? Is the organizational structure of today likely to be in place a year from now?

In this session, CRC will moderate a discussion with Katie McClammer, Senior Digital Commerce Marketing Manager at McCormick and Todd Hassenfelt, Senior Director of eCommerce at Simple Mills to discuss how their organizations approach commerce marketing and key considerations for manufacturers looking to balance trade and marketing budgets. This session is designed for those in eCommerce sales roles, shopper marketing teams, and senior leaders at consumer brands.

Best Practices for Manufacturers on Amazon in 2021

Michael Lagoni, Founder & CEO

October 14, 2:30 PM – 3:15 PM ET

Amazon innovates at a break-neck pace encouraging manufacturers to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into new programs and initiatives. With so many new marketing opportunities, how should brands best allocate their investments? In this session, Michael Lagoni, CEO & Founder of Stackline will lead attendees through the latest programs and initiatives on Amazon, to help those managing the account better identify strategic and tactical changes that are needed for 2021. Topics include product detail page content opportunities, paid search, media advertising, other digital activations, operational changes occurring on Amazon, and other key topics that have arisen during the pandemic across both CPG and hardlines categories.

Panel Discussion: Instacart – Opportunities for 2021

Kristen Arnwine, Regional Sales Manager
Bush Brothers
Jordan Tatum, eCommerce Manager, Omnichannel Acceleration
Beverly Hughes, Customer Business Manager
Tim Blachowski, eCommerce Director
Russ Dieringer, Executive Director, eCommerce Council
Cleveland Research Company

October 15, 11:00 AM – 11:45 AM ET

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated demand for online grocery by five-plus years according to CRC’s research. Seemingly out of nowhere, Instacart went from a test-and-learn account for 2020 to a critical partner as swarms of consumers flooded the site. As the pandemic wears on, most CPG/Food manufacturers have elevated Instacart to a key customer within their go-forward retail plans in 2021. This panel discussion filled with eCommerce leaders will cover key questions such as what teams in the organization are managing Instacart, what activations are working best, and a comparison on the opportunity with Instacart compared to other online grocers like Amazon Fresh and Walmart Pickup & Delivery.

Adapting to the Next Normal in Omnichannel Retail

Mark Stamps, VP Digital Commerce
Harvest Group
Michael Turner, Team Lead, Digital Innovation
Harvest Group

October 15, 1:00 PM – 1:45 PM ET

Walmart continues to innovate, renovate, and activate their Omnichannel ecosystem to meet the growing demands of their shoppers. These newest changes have elevated the expectations Walmart has for their supplier-base and have left many brands struggling to keep up.

In this session, Mark Stamps, VP of Digital Commerce at Harvest Group, and Michael Turner, Team Leader of Digital Innovations, will provide a detailed review into the latest changes to the Walmart Omnichannel merchandising teams and provide perspectives on how CPG manufacturers should prepare and respond to Walmart’s newest digital requests. Mark and Michael will also share specific examples on how on-site fundamentals have lasting effects on a brand’s position on Walmart.com & Online Pickup & Delivery (OPD) as well as how to capture key metrics and sales data to track performance. They will also share best practices in working with Walmart Media Group (WMG) and what to consider when resourcing teams against this growing and evolving business.

This session will be ideal for those on the Walmart teams inside of branded manufacturers, shopper marketing teams, and those working on other omnichannel accounts that are looking for insights on how Walmart is managed.

Capturing Page One: Data Driven Commercialization and Conversion Strategies

Patrick Miller, Co-Founder
Abi Harmon, Executive Vice President

October 15, 2:30 PM – 3:15 PM ET

Utilizing multiple data sources and self-service tools, create and successfully launch SKUs relevant to the Amazon consumer, applying decision science and technology to optimize, convert, and then redeploy learnings across the rest of your portfolio and other eCommerce retailers like Walmart, Instacart, and Kroger. This session will deep dive opportunities for both CPG and Hardlines manufacturers with actionable insights around search, advertising techniques, detail page conversion tactics, and getting the most from your Amazon data all that can be deployed today.

Optimizing, Automating and Running Lean Digital Structures

Garrett Bluhm, Founder & CEO
Drafted Commerce

October 16, 11:00 AM – 11:45 AM ET

Every eCommerce team feels the pressure of too much to do and not enough resources. Yet more and more companies are choosing to bring eCommerce functions in house. Efficiency is the primary driver of innovation and in this session, Garrett Bluhm, Partner at Drafted Commerce, will break down and highlight how to make a digital business more efficient and streamlined. Garrett will explore common team structures and flaws within the standard operating models. He will highlight common redundancies and opportunities for automating tasks and in some cases entire roles. By optimizing and automating workflows and tasks, companies can eliminate overhead expenses and drive higher amounts of success. Pulling on years of work experience at large and small CPGs, 3P sellers, and now his own consulting and data organization, Garrett will offer his perspective on how to leverage a Lean Digital Team Structure.

Amazon DSP: The Secret Weapon of Programmatic

Nancy McLaughlin, Director, Marketplace Search & Enterprise Service
Evan Walsh, Senior Programmatic Analyst

October 16, 1:00 PM – 1:45 PM ET

The secret is out: Amazon’s Demand-Side Platform (DSP) has emerged as a powerful tool for brands looking to reach new customers and deepen brand engagement. Given that display inventory on Amazon’s owned-and-operated sites is only available through the Amazon platform and combined with the effectiveness of Amazon’s audience targeting, Amazon DSP has emerged as a superpower for brand marketers. But what exactly is Amazon DSP, and how does it differ from other offerings in the Amazon ad universe? In this session, attendees will learn all about Amazon DSP and how it compares to other networks (like DV 360 and common new customer prospecting techniques). We’ll talk about behavioral targeting, contextual targeting, and review strategies for taking market share from competitors. We’ll also show how to close the loop on conversions and share some secrets behind the brands effectively using Amazon DSP to drive sales.

Actionable takeaways include:

• How to structure your DSP investment
• Best practices for setting up a successful campaign
• Understanding safety and supply as it applies specifically to the Amazon ecosystem
• The role of OTT on connected TV in Amazon’s DSP
• What we’re seeing for performance and why

Panel Discussion: Turning your Amazon Supply Chain into a Strategic Weapon

Brian Eckard, Director of Supply Chain
Nestle GAAT
Paul Murphy, VP of Retail Strategy & Sales
Owen Carr, Head of Vendor Management
Russ Dieringer, Executive Director, eCommerce Council
Cleveland Research Company

October 16, 2:30 PM – 3:15 PM ET

Manufacturers selling on Amazon are presented with a wide range of programs and initiatives related to fulfillment. Converting to SIOC/FFP packaging, using vendor flex, managing chargebacks and shortages, and implementing direct fulfillment capabilities are just some of the opportunities eCommerce professionals have to not only improve fulfillment metrics on the site, but fundamentally improve growth and profitability.

During this guided panel session, Russ Dieringer will walk through CRC’s latest Amazon supply chain benchmarking data and has asked supply chain practitioners at packaging experts and eCommerce professionals at brand manufacturers to discuss the various programs available on Amazon, which ones they’ve found to be most impactful, and what key investments they’re working on for 2021 and beyond. Panelists include Brian Eckard, Director of Supply Chain of Nestlé’s Global Amazon Acceleration Team, Paul Murphy Vice President of Retail Strategy and Sales of Menasha, and Owen Carr, Head of Vendor Management of Spreetail.
This session will be great for those on the Amazon team and their supply chain colleagues inside of a branded manufacturers.

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