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"Cleveland Research Company makes us better business people. Period. The unbiased perspective and analysis is delivered regularly and timely in a very easy to digest format that is compelling for all levels in our organization. CRC is a partner that provides unlimited ROI." - Division Manager Walmart & eCommerce, Bush Brothers & Company

eCommerce has disrupted consumer shopping behavior and in turn retail over the past 10 years, moving from 3% of retail sales to 10% today, and influencing more than 75% of all sales that take place. Unlike pre-digital days when the path to purchase was linear, today’s shopper journey is dynamic and fluid with no clear delineation between retail channels. In addition to a special focus on how to win with Amazon and the leading omnichannel retailers, our research identifies best practices and emerging trends across retail so our partners can identify opportunities faster than their competitors in what is an increasingly dynamic environment.

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We can help you win with key customers, align resources with areas of greatest upside, and outpace the industry. We believe high-quality research directly leads to high-impact conclusions that can give you a competitive edge.

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Here is a list of real questions CRC has helped answer in the last 30 days from our virtual roundtables, industry benchmarks, consumer studies, and channel research. Most members say it’s both the big picture analysis AND the clear answers to the little questions that consistently gives them an edge, justifying the ROI, year after year.

  • What Amazon programs like Pantry, S&S and Business are other brands adopting and which ones are seeing the fastest/slowest growth?
  • Should we invest in Amazon’s new AVS program?
  • What are other brands experiencing during Amazon’s annual negotiation process and what does Amazon seem most focused on?
  • What is the growth outlook for eCommerce in 2019 and 2020 – which retailers are growing the fastest, why, and what does that mean for our investment focus in those years?
  • How much should we increase our advertising spend on Amazon in ’19 and into what ad tools?
  • Hybrid Model: It’s been mentioned before that brands should employ a hybrid model of selling (1P and 3P accounts). However, with the recent report that Amazon is driving customers to one or the other, how do you see this evolving over the course of the next few years and what account(s) offer the longest growth potential?
  • How are other brands structuring their eCommerce team, particularly their omnichannel investments?
  • Should we expect Amazon to be more or less profitable for our business in ’19?
  • Should we be testing the commerce marketing options available on Walmart, Home Depot and other omnichannel accounts?
  • How are other brands managing Amazon’s SIOC requirements hitting in August 2019?
  • What is the overlap between the and shoppers and what does this mean for our channel strategy?
  • How are other brands thinking about competing with Amazon private label?
  • Should we anticipate growth on Amazon to accelerate or decelerate in ’19?
  • Has anyone heard news on the rate of Amazon Go expansion in 2019 since the volume is fulfilled via Amazon Fresh and/or Spartan Nash?
  • Are other brands currently fulfilling Fresh/Prime Now through SpartanNash and if so how are they determining volume to Amazon vs. other accounts through that platform?
  • Has any manufacturer been successful in gaining distribution in Amazon Go stores?
  • Are other brands working with brokers to interface with the Amazon Grocery team and do these new partnerships suggest we should make major investments in Fresh in ’19?
  • How are others viewing the potential integration of Whole Foods as it becomes more synonymous with Prime Now (account responsibilities, supply chain, etc.)?
  • What degree (if any) of incremental sales have you experienced from participating in the marketing programs on Fresh/Prime Now?
  • For Spartan Nash, has anyone had challenges getting contracts aligned with Spartan Nash and Amazon? We have discussed using spin reports from both Amazon and SN – Is this something others have used and has it been accurate?

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