How to Win Share on Amazon via Data & Analytics

Room: Harbor G 

Brands are often surprised to find out that their biggest rivals on Amazon may not even be sold inside of the stores they typically compete in. Without a clear understanding of the competition, brands are often at a lost when it comes to developing a clear strategic direction around resourcing, marketing, merchandising, product development, and supply chain initiatives.In this workshop session, Michael Lagoni, founder of Stackline (an eCommerce analytics platform) will walk participants step by step through a detailed understanding of how to identify the competition and once identified, how to win share. This session will include insight on what data is the most relevant, where brands can access this data, how brands should analyze the data, and ultimately what recommendations can be gleaned to better inform tactical and strategic decision-making.While Michael will leverage Stackline’s technology in this session, he also plans to identify tools and techniques available to brands of all sizes that are looking to get a much deeper understanding of the competitive environment. Participants will leave the session with a much better understanding of how they can tell who they are competing with and ultimately what they can do to grow faster.


Michael Lagoni | Founder | Stackline

Michael Lagoni is CEO of Stackline, a retail technology company based in Seattle, WA that was founded by a group of Amazon veterans. Stackline activates data, automates execution, and optimizes eCommerce marketing performance for hundreds of the world’s largest companies.

Before founding Stackline, Michael held data analytics roles at Amazon and The Boston Consulting Group where he helped consumer brands turn insights into commercial excellence.

Michael earned his MBA from Harvard Business School.

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