The Next Level of Amazon Advertising: Going Beyond Sponsored Products & Brands
Fifth Ave Room

As Amazon Advertising expands and evolves, how do Brand Advertisers and agencies up their game and make the most out of the opportunity beyond the basics? The competition is getting savvier by the day, and to stay ahead, you’re going to have to push the envelope. What’s required? Brands need to rationalize myriad disparate data sets across their commerce objectives, inclusive of Retail Analytics, 3rd party measurement data, Advertising metrics, and their own 1st party data if they want to truly win share. Only after normalizing this broad aggregation of data and integrating it with an enterprise ad stack will Brands realize the full value of Amazon Advertising on their entire channel strategy. Furthermore, it is imperative Brands begin to build an understanding of how to efficiently drive and track traffic from outside Amazon to their ASINs—especially from Facebook and Google. In this session, learn from a veteran ecommerce marketer—and the steward of one of the industry’s leading Amazon Advertising integrators—as he shares insights from 600+ brands on how to pair technology, data, the right team, and expertise to succeed in the future of online retail advertising.

Nich Weinheimer, Vice President of eCommerce, Kenshoo
Nich brings over a decade of experience in digital advertising, particularly on Amazon, to Kenshoo. Having helped both ad-tech companies to develop their Amazon integrations and brands directly to run their businesses and advertising on Amazon’s Marketplace, Nich has a wealth of experience and knowledge around this ever-growing channel. He has been with Kenshoo since the beginning of 2018 where he now helps lead the E-Commerce/Amazon Advertising business.

Channel Strategy from a Brand’s Perspective: What does B2B look like in a world of Amazon, Marketplaces and Pricing Transparency?
Cascade 1 Room

This presentation will focus on areas of opportunity and investment within Amazon Business, while unpacking implications to both traditional B2B distribution and key end-user markets. We’ll explore how channel strategy optimization and alignment between 1P and 3P strategic B2B distribution can generate profitable demand for your product solutions, while mitigating disruption to both your brand and channel partners.  This is a great session for brands that want to hear from one of their peers on how to best go to market on eCommerce B2B.

Sam Mullins, Vice President of eCommerce, GOJO 

Amazon Foundational Understanding: How do I get started on Amazon advertising including what’s available, what metrics matter, and what’s the right amount to invest?
Cascade 2 Room

If you are selling on Amazon, you should be utilizing Amazon's paid-search ad platform to drive traffic to your products. In this session, designed for companies that are relatively new to Amazon advertising, you will learn about Amazon’s burgeoning advertising platform, the options you have for ad units, the best use-cases for each ad unit (conversion vs. awareness), the "right amount" to invest, and leading strategies to supercharge your Amazon business.

Selina Heckendorf, Vice President, eCommerce/Amazon Strategy, The Mars Agency 
Selina, VP of eCommerce and Amazon Strategy at The Mars Agency, brings 12+ years of eCommerce experience, including working at Amazon and launching their wine and fine art categories. She works with CPG and grocery brands at Mars to grow their business online. Previously, she worked at CommerceHub and helped brands like Brookstone, Guess and Lands' End develop their strategies across online marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Jet, and Sears.