Research Data

CRC’s proprietary data is derived from consistent and standardized surveys of our large, high quality industry contacts measuring sales growth, pricing, end market demand trends and other key performance indicators. These surveys have been the foundation of our fundamental research for over 10 years.

Survey Data Products

Industrial Sector Survey Datasets – Monthly survey data with history back to 2009

  • Industrial Motion – Tracks industrial sector sales and KPIs + 17 end markets; proprietary ISM proxy
  • Electrical Distributor – Tracks electrical industry sales and KPIs + 8 end markets
  • Industrial Distributor – Tracks industrial distribution sector sales and KPIs + 15 end markets

EPS & Comp Estimates – Updates daily for CRC’s coverage of ~162 stocks, history since 2007

Our focus on fundamental channel survey research has helped us consistently forecast topline trends for companies more accurately than consensus.

Data Applications

Forecast organic growth rates

Estimate revenue growth rate

Identify economic shifts in the industrial sector

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