Case Study

International Adhesive Manufacturer Wins Business at New Retailer in ~6 Months

How CRC’s Advisory Team used a quantitative branding study to reach one company’s goals

As retail evolves into a more competitive, omnichannel landscape, it is crucial that suppliers adapt to changing consumer preferences. A well-known adhesive & sealants manufacturer realized these trends and came to us with one goal: expand into a new home improvement retailer and gain space on the shelf. But first, they needed to learn what made them different from others in the adhesion industry – and that’s where our consumer expertise played a pivotal role.

Our Advisory Team ran a quantitative branding study around the consumer path to purchase. This study gave our client greater detail into how their brand was positioned among Pro and DIY consumers in the adhesive & sealants industry, including a breakdown by generation. The data was used to target a new big-box home improvement retailer, eventually winning SKUs on the shelf and a main category page on the retailer’s website. Two big wins!

This case study from our Advisory Team captures CRC’s in-depth research process and highlights just one way we can help your company grow – through quantitative studies and shopper segmentation. Whether you’re a small business or international supplier, CRC has the reach and relationships to meet your company’s needs with 5-star excellence.

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